1 Nov 2016

Q&A with author Tiffany Current

MY MAKER’S KEEPER by Tiffany Current 
Release Date: November 1, 2016
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance

Hannah Clark used to be an ordinary girl. She used to be a lot of things. Until she was bitten.
Five months ago, Hannah woke up in the middle of the woods as a vampire. She didn’t know how it happened or who turned her. She just knew she wasn’t safe in her hometown anymore.
Fort Wayne was supposed to be her fresh start. Her chance to finish high school without any other incidents. But then she met Jackson. Their attraction was instant and awakened something deep inside of her. Her thirst for blood.
Things only got worse when her maker, Lucas, came to town. He might have been sexy, but he was one dangerous vampire. And if Hannah wanted to keep Jackson safe, she had to protect him from Lucas’ ravenous ways. Even though she found herself excited by them.
But Lucas wasn’t there for her. Something sinister was happening in town. Vampires were going missing, and if Hannah didn’t want to be next, she had to work with Lucas to solve the mystery. But could she trust him? Or should she trust Jackson? She had to make a choice—and her life might just depend on it.

Author Interview

Can you tell us a little about your latest book?
My Maker’s Keeper is about an 18-year-old girl who gets turned into a vampire against her will. She tries to start fresh in a small town, but she ends up falling for a local boy who ignites her thirst for blood.

What inspired you to write it?

I was trying to decide what to write next and I knew I wanted to write something about vampires. (I’m a huge vampire fan.) So the story just kind of came to me after that point.

If it was made into a movie, who would you like to play the main characters?
Zendaya for Hannah, Liam Hemsworth for Jackson, and Sam Claflin for Lucas

Where is the novel set and why did you choose to set it there?

It takes place in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I actually went to high school there, so I can honestly say it’s the perfect city for a vampire to hide out. Overcast, lots of woods, what vampire wouldn’t like that?

What made you want to become an author?

I don’t think I actually decided to become a writer until I was older, but I’ve been writing since I was kid. Well, journaling, really. But as I got older, my journal turned into a book of ideas. And eventually, those ideas morphed into short stories. It wasn’t until college that I realized I could actually do this for a living and I’ve been going for it ever since.

How do you come up with character names?
Honestly, I just pick names that I really love. Hannah and Jackson (two of the leads in my book) are some of my favorite names. Of course, you have to make sure it goes with the personality, but I want to like the name too.

Do you struggle to come up with book titles? Do they come before, during or after you've written your book?
I’m awful at coming up with titles. I generally always have to ask my friends/families for book title ideas.

What is your favourite movie that was based on a book?
The full Harry Potter series.

Name two of your favourite authors.
Tom Robbins and Sarah J. Maas

What are your (writing) plans for the future?

I’m working on an urban fantasy novelette right now. It’s about this cynical and sarcastic woman who doesn’t believe in the supernatural – only to discover she is supernatural and has to team up with a hot guy to rid the world of monsters. I’ve finished writing it, but the next step is for it to go to my editor. I’m hoping to have it published in February 2017.

About the author

Tiffany Current earned her Bachelor's degree in dramatic writing from Drexel University. Her first book, the self-help relationship guide How to Move in with Your Boyfriend (and Not Break Up with Him), was published by Turner Publishing in 2011.
Tiffany writes paranormal romance, young adult, urban fantasy, and self-help books. In her spare time, Tiffany enjoys reading books, watching trashy action movies, and eating chocolate.
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