24 Jun 2016

Review: Storm Child by Sharon Sant

Earlier this week, I featured Storm Child on Fiction Dreams - an excerpt and an author interview with Sharon Sant. Today, I'd like to share my review of the book, which I completed this morning.

My Review

Firstly, I'd like to mention how beautifully written this story is. I was enthralled with the author's writing from the very first page. Sharon Sant certainly is a talented one!
The actual story was something that really piqued my interest. I do love stories that are set in the Victorian era and for the life of me, cannot understand why I don't read more of them! I'm also a lover of books aimed at young adults so this one certainly held my fascination. Oh and of course there's magic. I'm a sucker for books containing magic ;)
The moment I started reading, I was eager to learn more about the child found on the heathland in the middle of a cold, stormy night. )What a wonderful beginning, right?) And I was never disappointed at any stage during the story - in fact I found myself on the edge of my seat throughout.
I particularly loved the banter between Isaac and Polly - and could quite easily picture them teasing one another in this era. They were written so well - I'd love to read more about their story, what happens to them after Storm Child, for example? I'm also eager to find out what happens to Charlotte and her family after this book too. I wonder if the author has any plans for a sequel? Or perhaps a spin-off? I cetainly hope so! All in all, a wonderful read.

In a Victorian era where the industrial revolution has been replaced by superstition and magic, Britain is a place where wolves roam freely and children with magic are snatched from the streets. This is home for thirteen-year-old witch, Annie and her baby sister, Georgina. When their mother dies, Annie and Georgina find themselves saved from the workhouse by the mysterious Ernesto Black. But Black’s motives are far from pure and soon Annie faces new, even more dangerous threats. What does Ernesto want from Georgina? And can Annie trust the other teenagers living with Ernesto: Polly, who has her eye fixed firmly on inheriting Ernesto’s fortune and will do anything to make sure she gets it, and the charming Isaac, who would do anything to win Polly’s affections – legal or not.
Fearing for Georgina’s safety, Annie is faced with a terrible choice: she can try to guard her sister from the ever-present threat of Ernesto, or she can leave the child out in the wilds of the New Forest in the hope she’ll be found and taken in by a new family, ignorant of her powers. Annie chooses to leave Georgina’s future to chance and steals her away from Ernesto’s house in the dead of night.
But Annie’s troubles are far from over as her actions set in motion a chain of events that will take her and Georgina into danger she could never imagine. This danger drags country girl, Charlotte Harding into the fray and threatens every one of the teenagers, and it leads them right into the heart of the powerful organisation responsible for the assassination of Queen Victoria, an organisation that wants only one thing: Hell on Earth – quite literally…
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Sharon Sant was born in Dorset but now lives in Staffordshire. Aged eight she wrote a poem about ET, which received the ultimate praise of being pinned onto the classroom wall, and from that moment on she knew she'd never stop writing. She graduated from Staffordshire University in 2009 with a degree in English and creative writing. She currently works part time as a freelance editor and continues to write her own stories. An avid reader with eclectic tastes across many genres, when not busy trying in vain to be a domestic goddess, she can often be found lurking in local coffee shops with her head in a book. Sometimes she pretends to be clever but really loves nothing more than watching geeky TV and eating Pringles.
Young adult novels Sky Song, The Young Moon and Not of Our Sky (the Sky Song trilogy), The Memory Game and Runners were all released in 2013 to glowing reviews. Dead Girl Walking followed in 2015 and she has a new trilogy planned for 2016, the first book of which, Storm Child, is due for release in April.
Sharon also writes children's fiction under the name of Summer Hopkiss.
To find out more you can follow her on twitter where she's always happy to chat.
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