23 May 2016

Show Me, Sir by Sonni De Soto

Show Me, Sir by Sonni De Soto
Published by: Sinful Press
Publication date: April 30th 2016
Genres: Erotica, Romance

Max Wells is a ball-busting, ass-kicking testament to female empowerment, who’s yet to meet the person who can push her down.
Until she meets a man she only knows as Sir.
Shamelessly deviant, Hayato, knows exactly what Max thinks of Dominants like him. So ready to dismiss his lifestyle, she’s the type to assume she knows everything about it and him after one cursory glance from the outside in. But, looking at Max—at her intelligence and passion—he can see more in her than the misconceptions she’s deliberately blinding herself with.
And, determined, he plans to show her more.
Max finds herself fascinated by this man who insists on challenging her every belief as he leads her into his world of dark desires. Matching his clash of wit, will, and seduction, Max begins to question all she knows about what it means to be empowered.
Used to being unquestionably on top, Hayato is intrigued by Max’s formidable delight in playing games and striking deals that shifts his usual power dynamics as they negotiate roles and rewrite rules.
But, just as their game heats up, it gets used against them. Seeking to punish them with their play, someone threatens to drag their private lives out into the public spotlight.
With high stakes and bitter scandal looming over their heads, Max and her Sir will have to work together to show that what the world thinks they are does not define who they are.

Not knowing quite what to say next, she turned back to the mirrored room. Unknown to the couple within the room, a crowd of people—a mad mix of men and women—gathered to watch. Feeling a part of them despite the distance, Max watched too as her friend hid her flushed face against Peter’s shoulder. He ran his hand up and down the smooth, saison-shaded skin of her thighs. Her friend’s legs quivered beneath his touch when, with each pass, his hand drifted higher and higher. Max’s breath caught with anticipation when his hand coasted along the smooth expanse of Kat’s flesh beneath her skirt.
Then, without warning, Peter flipped her skirt up high.
The crowd gathered closer to the window. Even Max felt herself lean further off the rail.
Panty-less, Kat’s firm, round behind was exposed as Peter tucked the hem of her skirt into the waistband, holding the pleated fabric in place. Max and Kat gasped at the same time when Peter’s hand brushed across barely visible red marks crisscrossing along the revealed skin.
Max should have been horrified—really tried to be—at the evidence of Peter’s abuse. But, instead, she found herself panting softly, her breaths hot and heavy through parted lips, her eyes drawn to Kat’s lustful reaction to his touch. She shivered when her friend arched into Peter’s sweet, adoring, almost worshipful caress. As if that simple touch alone was an untold privilege and pleasure for them both.
Max wondered if she’d ever been touched like that before. Had John or Nick or Rob ever adored or worshiped her body like that? Would she have even allowed it—allowed a man to glorify and sexualize her body like that—if they had?
She frowned.
Was that the answer? Was that the appeal? To be touched and loved like that, did a woman have to give up her principles? And was it worth it to lose herself just to gain this?
“Bend,” she distantly heard Peter tell Kat. “Lean into me.” His voice was a gravelly rasp in her ear. “So they can see you properly.”
With a shudder, Kat did, allowing the barest hint of her naked sex to peek out between her thighs.
“That’s enough.” Peter stilled Kat’s motions, holding her in place with an arm wrapped firmly around her waist. “Just enough for them to see how wet you are,” he said against Kat’s neck. Then his arm slid down around her ass and dipped between those taut cheeks to touch her slick labia. “How hot that pretty pussy gets for me.”
Again, the crowd tittered while they watched, studying Kat and Peter like art connoisseurs at a gallery show.

Sonni de Soto is an Asian kinkster of color, who loves and lives the lifestyle when she can. Her work involves The Taming School and Show Me, Sir, as well as stories in Between the Shores: Erotica With Consent and The First Annual Geeky Kink Anthology. Like any good nerd, she loves learning new and interesting things about science, art, culture, and, of course, sex and love. She’s always thrilled to hear from readers; you can get in touch with Sonni de Soto at her Blog

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  1. Thanks for hosting today! :)

  2. Oooh, this sounds good! And far more inline with actual BDSM. I like how it brings up how being a sub/playing a role can be freeing for someone and the opposite of what appears on the outside. You may not be able to let go of control in your daily life, but with trust and consent you can with BDSM.

    They sound like a good pair.

  3. Oh, this sounds steamy... I love it! :)

  4. Sounds like a great read . Thank you for the chance.


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