19 Feb 2016

Desert City Diva by Corey Lynn Fayman

Rolly Waters has many reasons to regret going out for Mexican food at 2:30 in the morning, not least because then he would never have met golden-eyed orphan and dance-club DJ, Macy Starr – possibly the most infuriatingly unpredictable and secretive client he has ever taken on. Macy wants Rolly to find out what happened to the young woman she knew as Aunt Betty, who rescued Macy as a child and then disappeared without a trace. The only clue Macy has to go on is a curious one-stringed guitar called a Diddley Bow and a black and white photograph of a young girl with a man in a baseball uniform. Rolly’s investigation leads to a strange world of alien-obsessed cults, a mysterious desert hideaway known as Slab City, and a 20-year-old unsolved murder case. But how can he solve the mystery if he can’t even trust his own client?
Told with dark humor about an unlikely and unusual hero, Desert City Diva captures the fun, suspense, and unusual characters that readers have come to expect from a Rollie Waters mystery. 

“I hope readers will have as much fun reading Desert City Diva as I did writing it,” said Fayman. “I can’t believe I found a way to combine UFOs, apocalypse cults, electronic dance music DJs, off-the-grid hippies, professional baseball players, and a magical homemade guitar into one mystery novel, but I’m very happy with the results. It’s not everyday a character like Macy Starr walks into your life, but I’m glad I was able to introduce her to my friend Rolly Waters. As usual, he gets in way over his head, but I think this case will resonate with him, and readers, for a long time after its conclusion.”
Corey Lynn Fayman has worked as a keyboard player, sound technician, and interactive designer. He holds a B.A. in English, with a specialization in creative writing and poetry from UCLA, and an M.A. in Educational Technology from San Diego State University. Fayman spent three years as a sound technician and designer at the nationally lauded Old Globe Theater, where he received several nominations and a Drama-Logue Award for his theatrical sound design. He lives in San Diego, California, and is the author of two previous Rolly Waters mysteries, including Blacks Beach Shuffle and Border Field Blues, which won the Genre Award at the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival.
For more information on Corey Lynn Fayman or Desert City Diva, please visit: http://www.servernhouse.com/ or http://www.coreylynnfayman.com

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