4 Aug 2015

Cover Promo: Flame Unleashed by Jillian David

Flame Unleashed, book #3 in the Hell to Pay series
Author: Jillian David
Release date: 9/14/15 from Crimson Romance

Contracted to kill on command for eternity, compassionate Civil War nurse Ruth Blackstone endures her cursed employment in the present day. The practical woman has never been one for hair-brained schemes. That is, until she meets Cajun rogue, Odie Pierre-Noir. Odie has a risky plan to overthrow their boss, Jerahmeel, who represents Satan in human form. But for Odie's plan to work, he needs Ruth to act as bait.
Many years ago when she sacrificed her soul to save her husband’s life, she was utterly betrayed. So even though Odie is indisputably charming, Ruth's battered heart refuses to make the same mistake twice and trust another man with her life. Centuries ago, Jerahmeel forced Odie to make a terrible choice. If there is a chance to destroy his boss, Odie will take the risk.
A senseless tragedy mobilizes them into action, and Ruth and Odie launch the most ambitious offensive the world has ever known. While hatching their plans, unexpected love blooms as Odie tears down the walls around Ruth's heart to find a woman worth a three hundred year wait. In Odie’s strong arms, Ruth finds intense passion she had never experienced before.
Ruth must make the hardest decision of her long, damned life. The choice: continue in relative safety as Indebted killers, or risk their eternal souls for one chance to break the curse of the Indebted? Will she choose…the lesser evil?

Jillian David lives near the end of the Earth with her nut of a husband and two bossy cats. To escape the sometimes-stressful world of the rural physician, she writes while on call and in her free time. She enjoys taking realistic settings and adding a twist of “what if.” Running or hiking on local trails often promotes plot development.

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