1 Apr 2015

Interview with Crimson Romance author Lynn Crandall

Can you tell us a little about your latest book? 
Cravings is the second book in the Fierce Hearts series that tells the stories of were-lynxes who are members of a colony that has come under fire from The Nexus Group, a secret crime organization. In this book, heroine Kennedy Mitchell is dealing with her life being turned upside down when the colony rescued her from an illegal drug project headed by TNG. She is reeling from her upbringing by adoptive parents who mistreated her in preparing her for a role in furthering the secret organization’s plans to extend its power and secure its plans for a new kind of world.
Hero Asher Monroe is a member of the colony that is trying to keep Kennedy safe while learning more about the diabolical plans of the secret organization. Both struggle with inner turmoil from their past. Attraction between them is hindered by Kennedy’s life-stifling programming from TNG and Asher’s distrust of her motives as well as his own control over his special power.
While trying to stop The Nexus Group from harming humans and were-cats, Kennedy and Asher must tackle their obstacles to love or remain stuck in their pasts.

What inspired you to write it? 
I’ve always told stories, beginning with when I tried to entertain my younger sister with scary stories at bedtime when we were children. I’ve always enjoyed words and phrases, so it was natural to want to express myself in stories. I particularly enjoy writing romance novels because I like the exploration of human relationships. That’s why I write in general. But it’s pertinent to the question because stories, such as Cravings, form in my brain and compel me to write them. Seriously. It’s interesting to me that these paranormal characters can introduce ideas that are pertinent to the human way of life, such as dealing with being different, non-racial prejudice, managing emotions, etc.

If it was made into a movie, who would you like to play the main characters? 
I love this question. For Asher I can imagine a young Brad Pitt. In his early roles he typically played characters who were a bit wild and independent. For Kennedy, I would pick Kerry Washington from Scandal. She has strength and determination and spunk, just like Kennedy.

What is it about this genre that appeals to you so much? 
I love the exploration of human emotions and how experiences influence who we are, even when we’re unaware of the influence. Humans are so complex, there are many interesting elements to give characters, especially when the character is trying to find love. I especially like to write characters who are flawed. There are no perfect people and most of us don’t live a life free of pain and ups and downs, so I feel more inclined to highlight how extraordinary ordinary people can be than to write about characters who are rich and famous.

What made you want to become an author? 
For a long time I spent a lot of time thinking and exploring what I wanted to be when I grow up. Then I read a book by John Gardner, On Becoming a Novelist, and it hit me in the heart. Someone who felt like I did and who thought like I did about words! I had discovered what I wanted to do with my life. It’s a good thing I love to write because even after that revelation I struggled with feelings of self-doubt, but I fit the old test: If you want to know if you’re a writer, try to stop. With that love of writing, the self-doubt is irrelevant.

How do you come up with character names? 
Ooh, I love names. It’s a sickness. I notice names all the time and love it when I find one that just feels right for a character. I see names in movie or TV credits, in the newspaper, I see possible character names everywhere.

Name one of your all-time favourite books? There are so many favorites! But if I have to pick just one I’ll go with Bitten by Kelley Armstrong. Completely in love with it. In a sense it changed my life. That’s what books can do and I love that about them.

Who, or what, inspires you? 
Ordinary people inspire me. They do what they do and keep going, mostly learning and growing along the way. I love those little moments when a stranger exchanges a smile with me for no particular reason, or someone stops to help someone in need.

Where is your favourite place to write? 
I write in my office at home. It’s convenient and comfortable and is a favorite place to be because it’s where I write. The walls are covered with writing quotes, inspirational quotes, images I use for characters, a series of fairy prints. Typically my cat is somewhere close and coffee is abundant.

What is your favourite movie that was based on a book? 
All the Harry Potter books. I have watched two Pride and Prejudice movies with different actors, but I still prefer the books so I could have just skipped watching them.

Name two of your favourite authors. 
Again, there are so many! Many fellow Crimson Romance authors write great books. I really also enjoy Jim Butcher, Kat Richardson, and of course, Kelley Armstrong. Oh, that’s three.

If you could have a dinner party with any authors from any time in history, who would you choose and why? 
I would pick Jane Austin, Diana Gabaldon, Madeleine Le ‘Engle, and Phillip Pullman. Why? Because they’re all very creative and knowledgeable, which would make for great conversations. Maybe some of that creativity and knowledge would rub off onto me.

Tell us a random fact about yourself. 
I’m a natural red-head. Because red-heads are not as common as other hair colors, having red hair shaped me. It made me different and that has been fun.

Who would play you in the movie about your life? 
Angelina Jolie! I don’t know her, of course, but she has portrayed reflective, tough, and tenderhearted characters. And then there’s the fact that she’s very attractive.

Tell us an interesting fact about where you live. 
My first response is that there is no interesting fact about Central Illinois (I’m from Michigan, where everything is not flat). But…Chicago is just a few hours away and The University of Illinois is close, which provides a lot of enrichment and Big 10 sports.

What are your (writing) plans for the future? 
I would like to get my children’s book published and continue writing romance. My first three books were romantic suspense novels. At one point I’d been reading paranormal series for a bit and I recall writing Always and Forever Love and stopping mid-story to think, “Where are Lacey’s super powers?” Hence, the next book, Secrets, features were-lynxes with special abilities. The Fierce Hearts series is going to keep me busy with three more books and that will take some time. I love writing paranormal and I’m very much enjoying getting to know the were-lynxes in the books.

Tell us one thing that's on your bucket list. 
I do not have a bucket list. I’m more of a live in the moment person and try to be open to possibilities. Life can offer so many surprises.

Favourite myth / fairytale? 
When I was a child I spent hours reading stories in the Childcraft series of books. Fairytales were my favorite. I really enjoyed Snow White and Red Rose. But again, I had many favorites, including myths and fables.

Who/What did you want to be when you were a kid? 
I wanted to be named Suzanne and be an artist.

Lynn Crandall lives in the Midwest and writes in the company of her two cats. She has been a reader and a writer all her life. Her background is in journalism, but whether writing a magazine or newspaper story or creating a romance, she loves the power stories hold to transport, inspire, and uplift. In her romances, she focuses on vulnerable, embraceable characters who don't back down. She hopes that readers discover, over and over, stories of ordinary people who face ordinary life challenges and are transformed by extraordinary love. 

Twitter: #lynncrandall246

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  1. Thank you for hosting me on your beautiful blog!

  2. Hi Lynn, My best friend is a natural redhead too, so I can relate to it making you different. We'd probably be best buds if you lived closer! The new book sounds like a winner–-young Brad Pitt and Kerry Washington–I can see it now!

  3. Enjoyed this interview, Lynn. I didn't know you had a children's book in you! Congratulations on the publication of Cravings. I love the cover!

  4. Interesting choice of dinner party guests. Would enjoying hearing their conversation!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, everyone! Lynn, it's always a pleasure to have you here :D x


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