9 Apr 2015

Blog Tour with Jean Shorney

I'm excited to have the lovely Jean Shorney take over today. Jean is here as part of her blog tour, organised by the fabulous team at the Rave Reviews Book Club. So without further ado, here's Jean...

RESEARCH by Jean Shorney
With the advent of Google, and other online platforms, research is at our fingertips. How simple it is to just check things out at the click of a mouse, or fingers on a tablet. I'm not adverse to this method. It's quick and easy. Though on occasions it can be frustrating when you fail to receive the precise response that you are searching for. In all fairness, we cannot 'try out' every single thing we write about. Because, if I had physically perpetrated all the things my characters have done, I would now be writing this from a cell in Holloway.
That isn't to say that all research should be done at the computer. For me, hands on research is far more exciting. Actually visiting the places where your scenes are set. As most of the Aidan McRaney novels are set in London, in Blackheath and Soho. I have walked these places to get the feel of them. Down sleazy little back alleys and night clubs where Aidan was attacked. There's a lot of Irish history in Progeny of A Killer, so crossing the water was my objective. I love all things Irish and, long before the advent of Google, I'd researched Ireland's history quite extensively over the years. It’s something for which I was complimented on in a review.
While in Dublin I visited the infamous Kilmainham Gaol where the rebels were incarcerated after the Easter Uprising in Dublin in 1916. In ‘Progeny' the antagonist Danny Corrigan is obsessed with the rebels downfall. Particularly that of James Connolly, referring to the small black cross erected on its sad mound of earth in the prison and his feelings at sight of it. How can one express the overwhelming experience that he felt, if they haven't felt it for themselves? The desperation experienced by these young men in the knowledge they were destined to die. No amount of online research can give you that kind of sensation. Even though the gaol has been refurbished, the narrow cells remain where these young patriots spent their last night. The very walls are steeped in sorrow and bloodshed. Hopefully it’s something I have managed to capture in 'Progeny Of A Killer’.
You won't discover emotion on Google.

I live in a country village called Thatcham, in rural Berkshire, England. I am a widow with two sons and a granddaughter. My granddaughter also writes and is training to be a dance choreographer. I love music, especially old Country, as I have since I was a child. I enjoy listening to Irish Country music, which I also write to. When I'm not writing, I work in a care home for the elderly with dementia. I enjoy watching movies and collect old gangster and horror films. I once owned over two hundred and fifty books on supernatural accounts, but was compelled to give them to charity shops as I had run out of room.
I own over five hundred movies, and enjoy old anthology series such as The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. My favourite writers are Elliott O’Donnell, Robert Bloch, MR James and HP Lovecraft. I also enjoy the Irish terrorism thrillers of Jack Higgins.
I would like to post an acknowledgement to the lovely Helen Treharne, @Tea_Talks on # Twitter for recommending Rave Reviews Book Club, and for her continued support. She's read all my books to date. Bless her.
Twitter: @jmshorney

Stalking Aidan

Progeny Of A Killer


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  1. I agree with you completely Jean about hands-on research. This is why I spend a good part of every year in my native country where most of my stories are based. Thank you Suzy for hosting.

  2. Writing is a great excuse to visit where you'd love to take your readers--though with mystery thrillers, it's easy to scare yourself! Thanks for sharing, Jean. Thanks for hosting, Suzie!

  3. I love hands-on research too...and if I forget what something is like (or if I've never actually been) there's nothing better than Google Earth - you can literally walk in the footsteps on your character!
    Fabulous post, Jean!
    Thanks for stopping by everyone :D

  4. This is a lovely post, Jean. I love hands-on research too, and agree that Google Earth is so helpful at those times you can't physically get there! I hope you're having a good tour, Jean :)

    Suzy, thanks for hosting Jean today! :)


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