23 Mar 2015

Inspiration: a Guest Post by Olivia Logan

Publisher: Crimson Romance
Release Date: 23 March 2015 

To boost ratings and save her radio show, agony aunt CJ Stratt has no choice but to agree to a publicity proposition from London’s renowned playboy Jack Harper. They’ll go on eight dates, which she’ll tweet about to prove he’s not the unreliable wastrel he’s been painted as in the press.
Jack’s desperate to squelch his irresponsible image to insure that the business deal that could make or break his career goes smoothly. He’s willing to do anything, including dating this quirky DJ with pastel-colored hair and a sassy mouth.
Jack knows seduction, but he has no idea how to love. Love is CJ’s business, yet she has never been seduced.
Somehow, this business just got personal …
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Hi Suzy and thanks for having me on your blog today.
So to get right to it- my inspiration for this book.
Firstly I want to just say I get my inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes it can be an overheard remark or a situation I read about on the news or social network that I then flip on its head and which then leads me onto, what I consider the two biggest questions that help writers write- Why and What if…
For me anyway these two question starters never fail to get my brain ticking over.
Why did the woman/man do…
What if that situation was reversed/ flipped on it’s head. What would happen then?
This was the case when inspiration struck me for ‘The Tycoon’s Wager’.
My day job involves a lot of driving and so a lot of listening to the radio especially the banter between the hosts. It got me thinking about these people. Years ago (pre-internet and social media) some radio shows used to have an agony aunt and it got me thinking why these people weren’t around so much today and what would happen if they were. In addition, with so much access to celebs nowadays, how would someone be able to keep their life private and what would happen if said agony aunt was also unlucky in love themselves.
I get a lot of ideas flying through my mind but normally they just come and go depending on how much I think I have there but for some reason this just stuck and began to build. No thanks to the help of, at the time, the craze of hair pastels that were popping up all over the shops and then an image of CJ began to build in my head. Before I know it, she had a look, a voice and a personality. And a story to be told.
I didn’t have a hero (for some reason I tend to start with my heroine always) then flicking through a magazine I spotted Alex Pettyfer and it just all clicked! There I had my hero and my heroine.
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my inspiration for ‘The Tycoon’s Wager’ and enjoy CJ and Jack’s story!

Olivia Logan lives in the ever sunny UK where if she’s not writing her latest romance, she’s planning the next one. 
Olivia loves to hear from her readers. Contact her on her website.
Or follow her on twitter @Olivia_Logan_ 

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