2 Dec 2014

Review: Ignoring Gravity by Sandra Danby

Author: Sandra Danby
Publisher: Beulah Press
Book title: Ignoring Gravity
Publication date: available now at Amazon
Genre: women’s fiction
Rose Haldane is confident about her identity. She pulls the same face as her grandfather when she has to do something she doesn’t want to, she knows her DNA is the same as his. Except it isn’t: because Rose is adopted and doesn’t know it. Ignoring Gravity connects two pairs of sisters separated by a generation of secrets. Finding her mother’s lost diaries, Rose begins to understand why she has always seemed the outsider in her family, why she feels so different from her sister Lily. Then just when she thinks there can’t be any more secrets…

Some reviews already in for Ignoring Gravity:

"What really sets this novel apart is the author's descriptive skill. By tackling the ever popular themes of adoption and infertility, Sandra Danby's Ignoring Gravity is mining a rich vein in women's fiction and is bound to appeal. But her take on these painful subjects is somewhat original and her story has an unexpected twist in the tail."
Jane Cable, author of The Cheesemaker’s House

“This contemporary tale of sisterhood and identity is immediately engrossing. Sandra Danby writes with great empathy and wit.” Shelley Weiner, author of The Audacious Mendacity of Lily Green

“So much mystery and I haven’t even read from the beginning! Will be doing so on the weekend. Loved the way you described Phyllie’s cup of tea as “poured with a slight wobble and spill” – I immediately saw it so vividly!” Mrsholderslegacy.wordpress.com

“Sneaked time off from packing to read this. Totally absorbing… want to know what happens next but also need to go back to the beginning. Packing can wait!” Sheila Williams, Write on the Beach

“Just finished Ignoring Gravity. Loved it, and cried at page 421!”
Nicky Stephen, Nicky Stephen Marketing

“She’s hardly able to tear herself away from Ignoring Gravity to make meals or wash dishes – thought you’d like to know that!”
Fiction Feedback

My Review 
I thoroughly enjoyed Ignoring Gravity - the depths of the relationships between the characters particularly set it apart although I thought Rose did seem to find (and fall in) love a little too easily. But other than that, it was a fabulous read. I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat desperately wanting her to discover the truth in all the twists and turns throughout. I must admit that I did have an inkling as to who her father was before it was revealed though!
I love that it's about so many things, not just love and family but deep relationships, hurt that has been going on for years, secret adoptions, betrayal and so much more. It unravelled nicely and kept at a really enjoyable steady pace. Sandra Danby is an exceptional writer and I'd definitely like to read more of her work. All in all, a wonderful read.

Since she can first remember, Sandra Danby has loved reading. Hardback, paperback, e-book, new or pre-loved, borrowed from the library and friends, magazines and newspapers, she reads them all. She grew up on a small dairy farm at the bleak edge of East Yorkshire where England meets the North Sea. At the age of four she was making magazines full of her own stories. When missed by her mother, she was usually found in a corner with her nose in a book. She devoured everything from the Famous Five and Secret Seven to Swallows and Amazons, from Little Women to George Orwell and Mary Stewart. All this reading led her first to a degree in English Literature in London, then to journalism. Now she writes fiction full-time… and still reads at every spare moment.
The next book: Sandra is now writing Connectedness, the sequel in which Rose Haldane travels from Yorkshire to Malaga, Spain, in pursuit of the birth child of controversial artist Justine tree.
Watch Sandra Danby talk about Ignoring Gravity at You Tube: http://youtu.be/TcOzrhGRc48
Watch the book trailer for Ignoring Gravity at You Tube: http://youtu.be/jpzWKR4gx8I

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