7 Dec 2014

Interview with author Mary Lynn Roddy

Do dreams ever inspire your writing? What did you last dream about?
Yes, I used a dream about a little girl playing in the sand AS a dream in my debut novel. Last night, there was a man in a house with huge furniture, so I must have been a kid. Still don't know who the man was, though...

When did you first start writing? And when were you first published?
I was 8 years old and we were moving away from where I'd always lived. I kept on crying about leaving my little friends, so my mom handed me a stack of white paper to draw on. Folding them in half, I announced I was writing a novel called I Love Nahma! They didn't "turn the car around," but those pages were such a comfort I've been writing ever since. I was first published June 5, 2014 on Amazon.

What is it about 'chick lit' that appeals to you the most? Do you read other genres? 
I would think the airy, irreverent tone would  be fun to create. Right now, I'm exploring that and other genres, to see what I could stick with. Am just starting Champagne and Lemon Drops and I checked out your book(ssss) and chose Daisy Madigan's Paradise.

Can you tell us a little about your latest book?

The Real Dad: a novel of suspense is about a single mother of two boys who finally finds a phenomenal husband and stepdad. But six normal, happy years later, the man is charged with rape.

What inspired you to write it?
That intriguing story is based on true events.

Who designs your covers?
Joy Sillesan. Great cover, yes?

If your latest book was made into a film, who would you cast?
Cindy Crawford and the young Sidney Poitier.

What's your favourite 'chick lit' book that made it to the big screen?
Not that familiar yet. Waiting To Exhale?

What were the last two books you read?
False Memory by Dean Koontz and Writing 21st Century Fiction by Donald Maass.

Name one female author you think deserves to be better known.
Ann Packer

Where do you write?
Living Room or at Panera Bread

Tell us a random fact about yourself.
I'm alone too much.

Who would play you in the movie about your life?
Sissy Spacek

Tell us an interesting fact about where you live.
Oak Creek is right next to Milwaukee, but is a quiet and safe little town.

What are your (writing) plans for the future?
To write a lot, once I choose my genre'.

Tell us one thing that's on your bucket list.
To travel.

Name one of your all time favourite songs.

What do you listen to whilst writing?
As little as possible.

Who (or what) did you want to be when you were a kid?
From age 8, I wanted to be a writer.

Mary Lynn Roddy was born in Nahma, MI and raised in Gladstone. After that, she resided in Milwaukee, San Francisco, and Evanston, IL.
In her high school years she secretly wrote poems, which she sealed in envelopes addressed to herself and stored in a shoe box, underneath her bed. Short stories came later, but she was always writing for the fun of it.
Her debut novel, The Real Dad, is based on true events.
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