19 Nov 2014

About Three Authors by Patti Roberts

I'm absolutely delighted to share one of my great author pals new books entitled About Three Authors....
Genre: Holiday Romance/Drama.
Betrayal, Romance, Secrets, Adoption.

BECKY JENSEN'S FACEBOOK STATUS UPDATE: This past year, against all the ups and downs imaginable, I received the greatest gift of all — the gift of unconditional love. And with love came the gift of forgiveness. Somewhere around the 1700s, a fellow called Alexander Pope wrote, 'to err is human; to forgive, divine'. It is my humble opinion, however, that my mum wrote it best in a letter she wrote to me before she died.
When Becky Jensen's mother died on Christmas Eve a year ago, Becky stopped believing in Christmas.
When Becky’s father remarried four weeks ago, Becky stopped believing in family. An hour ago, when Becky caught her boyfriend kissing her best friend, Becky stopped believing in love.
Broken hearted, Becky makes a wish that changes her life forever…
The very next day, she is boarding a plane at Heathrow airport and flying halfway across the world to interview three authors.
The Authors, all friends since their twenties, are now in their fifties. Not only does Becky learn about the lives of these three incredible women, she also learns a lot about herself.
Becky also discovers that all families have their secrets, and hers is no exception.

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