2 Oct 2014

Prima Donna by Laura Drewry

In USA Today bestselling author Laura Drewry’s witty, sizzling, and tender romance for readers of Jill Shalvis and Susan Mallery, a woman who can’t slow down discovers that the perfect guy is in hot pursuit.

Even when her hair salon goes under and she’s on the brink of breaking, Regan Burke keeps her “I’m just fine” attitude. She’s had a tough life, coping with a difficult family and keeping her act together . . . barely. Right now, she just needs a job, any job, so she can pay her mother’s medical bills. It’s the exact wrong time for Carter Scott to come into her life—and to be so damn sexy, so distracting, and so determined to get close.
Carter isn’t looking for anything serious—his heart belongs to the kids who depend on his pediatric practice—but something about Regan makes him reconsider. Maybe it’s the scars she hides so well, the secrets she can’t share. Carter knows all about that kind of pain, and he wants to help. But offering Regan a job in his office only makes things worse, even if their chemistry is off the charts. Lucky for them both, Carter isn’t about to let go of love without a fight.
Contemporary Romance | Words: 200 Pages | Heat Level: Mild
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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my distinct pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Carter Scott. :o)
When he first showed up as Nick’s cousin in PLAIN JAYNE, there were only a few things about him that I knew for certain:
#1 – he had a way with the ladies
#2 – he was a pediatrician
#3 – he’d wear some kind of jewelry which I hadn’t yet figured out, but I was thinking it would probably be an earring (boy, was I wrong on that!)
To be completely honest, I don’t remember how or why I came across this picture, but the second I saw it – BAM! - I knew I’d not only found Carter, but that he was going to give Jayne’s friend, Regan, a run for her money. What you’re about to read is Carter in the pre-Regan days.
Hey. I’m Carter; sorta feel like I’m auditioning for The Dating Game or something here – it’s kinda weird, talking about myself like this, not gonna lie. Let’s see. I’m an only child; Dad was GP, had a family practice in West Van, and Mom’s still teaching piano.
I wasn’t exactly an angel growing up, but it’s not like I was a hardened criminal or anything. We did some stupid shit, Nick and me, but most of it was his idea, like the time we TP’d Edith Goodsen’s house , or that time we smuggled the frogs out of the science lab at school and released them into the slough. No, wait, that was actually Jayne’s idea, but Nick always did whatever she wanted and I usually did whatever Nick did, so. . .yeah. Okay, there was one time I got us into some pretty deep shit, but all I did was dare Nick to put the Whoopee cushion on Father O’Keefe’s chair. Maybe I double-dared him, but he was the idiot who did it. If it wasn’t for Jayne’s helping us, we’d still be cleaning that church out. Penance, Father O’Keefe called it.
That was the summer I found out I. . .forget it, we don’t need to talk about that.
Uh, let’s see. I make a mean lasagne, I have an old Fiat that runs pretty well but I prefer to ride my Harley whenever I can, I own every version of every Star Wars movie (VHS, DVD and Blu-ray), and I’ve got almost 25 years’ worth of National Geographic in my bedroom. I know, kinda weird, right? But they’ve got some really cool stuff in them.
Sports? I’ve been a lifelong Canucks fan even though we’ve never won the Cup, it drives me crazy that the only major league ball team we have is way the hell on the other side of the country, and no matter how big a deal the media makes of it, I don’t give a rat’s ass where Lebron plays.
What else do you want to know? The only pet I’ve ever had was a turtle we kept in the little pond in the back yard. Had him almost four years before he disappeared one night; we figure it was either the coyotes that hung out in the woods behind our house or one of those big-ass crows that liked to swoop down over the pond.
I think kids are great, I’ve never been married, and never plan on changing that. Yeah, I’ve had my fair share of chicks over the years, but why would any one of them want to hitch herself to a shmuck like me for the rest of her life? With what I’ve got going on, all I’d do is cause her problems and make her cry, so it’s better if I don’t make a habit of hanging around any one of them for too long.
There was this one chick I met a few months back, though, who might have done it for me. Damn, she was something else. Sexy as hell, red hair, eyes that were. . .whew. . .this soft deep green like nothing I’ve ever seen before. And holy shit she smelled good – some kind of crazy honey vanilla scent – but she was already seeing this guy I know. He was a dipshit, we all knew it – shit, I think she even knew it – but still, a guy never horns in on another dude’s chick.
Besides, she’s a friend of Jayne’s and Jayne’d kick my ass if I ever messed with one of her friends. And let’s face it, after everything Jayne’s done for me, I sort of owe her, but man, what I wouldn’t give for a night or two with Regan. Just sayin’.

Laura Drewry had been scribbling things for years before she decided to seriously sit down and write. After spending eight years in the Canadian north, Laura now lives back home in southwestern British Columbia with her husband, three sons, a turtle named Sheldon, and an extremely energetic German shepherd. She loves old tattered books, good movies, country music, and the New York Yankees.
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