6 Oct 2014

Emma Brewster: Too Hot to Handle by Mary Moriarty

Emma Brewster: Too Hot to Handle
By: Mary Moriarty
Releasing Oct 25th, 2014

Emma Brewster comes from a long line of Brewster witches and she is not only a witch but a fire-starter witch. She is supposed to be able to control that element but so far she can’t control much of anything when she comes in contact with a handsome man.
Now why is she always bumping into that new, handsome man who just so happens to be a Fire Fighter. She has taken to wearing colored contacts and sunglasses, even on cloudy days so her eyes don’t see him that clearly… but he always seems to be around. Boy is he hot… and oh drats there goes another fire cropping up!
Cas O’Halloran came to this supposed sleepy town to get away from the big city life, except once he bumped into that beautiful redheaded woman on that rainy morning at the bagel shop, his life has been anything but normal or low keyed. His Chief said there have been more unexplained little fires since his arrival than anytime in the history of Cadwell Harbor.
‘This once sleepy, picturesque town is constantly on fire’. So Cas wants to find out why, but he also wants to find out why of all women he is attracted to this red-head who wears sunglasses on rainy, cloudy days and if that’s not bad enough, he feels electrified and alive when he touches her.
Cadwell Harbor will never see a quiet Halloween again if Emma Brewster and Cas O’Halloran have anything to do with it. Nor will it be left standing if those two don’t settle down… one way or another.
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Author Interview
Do dreams ever inspire your writing? What did you last dream about? 
The last thing I dreamed about was sex… but we will keep that dream behind closed doors. There have been times when I have been thinking so hard on what I am working on and fortunately I can remember my dreams pretty well if they are vivid enough. I remember some from when I was a teen. So yes, they do inspire my dreams.

When did you first start writing? And when were you first published?
I first started writing seriously while living in Cambodia around the year 2000-2001. Though I did write non-fiction for Historical Societies and do research so I have always been a writer. I was first published in 2012 with my first book The Kings of Angkor. I received my rights back for that in June and am reissuing it this next Feb. 19, 2015

What is it about 'chick lit' that appeals to you the most? Do you read other genres? 
I have read chick lit but mostly I love just good old romance. But generally I don’t read the same genre I write so I stick to mysteries and memoirs when I am reading. Now I don’t have a lot of time to read for relaxation so I am mostly doing research which I enjoy just as much as just reading for fun.

Can you tell us a little about your latest book?
I had always wanted to try my hand at Romantic Comedy. I had this idea brewing or as I say stewing on the back burner since last year. Being a Fire Fighter I wanted to do something with a fire fighter but not a woman. I love history and having most of my roots coming from the NE area, and family involved in the Salem Witch trials sent me back to starting my book at about that time, but in Boston. You should really read the laws of those times and be very thankful we don’t have them in place… though here in NE there are a lot of them still on the books.
I have cats and love my cats and feature two of my cats, Midnight and Mika as Emma Brewster’s familiars. I watch them and when they meow I imagine during a particular situation what they might be saying so put that in there too. Then there is the whole I love to bake. So Emma is someone who bakes for the surrounding B&Bs. I modeled Cadwell Harbor after my town of Camden Maine which is a tourist destination and we have our fair amount of B&Bs or Inns. So there is a lot of me in this book.

What inspired you to write it?

My love of the season.

Have you ever spotted anyone reading your books anywhere? 
Yes, my boys teachers.

Who designs your covers?
Rebecca Poole designed Emma Brewster: Too Hot to Handle. My first book, The Kings of Angkor when it first came out was done by a friend in India. Charlotte Marie Adles did my covers for One Thousand Years to Forever and I’ve been Waiting for You. She also did my cover The Witchling Grows Up. Redemption at Midnight was done by Fiona Jayde. She has also done my newest cover for my re-issue of The Kings of Angkor and Her Protector. She is and will be my first choice for my cover artist from now on. I love her work and she nails it each time.

If your latest book was made into a film, who would you cast? 
I honestly don’t know. I would be curious to see what readers say about that.

What's your favourite Chick Lit book that made it to the big screen?
Bridget Jones Diary
Something Borrowed
The Devil Wears Prada

What were the last two books you read?
Research Books: New Light on the Ancient Mysteries of Glastonbury by John Michell &
American Nightingale by Bob Welch

Name one female author who you think deserves to be better known. 
Elizabeth Peters

Where do you write? 
At my desk that was designed and built for me. It’s 12 feet long.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? And did you follow the dream? 
I wanted to be an Air Force Nurse. I did go to school for Emergency Medical work when on a field where there is no doctors. I am also a Lic. EMT.

In the movie of your life, who would play you? 

Pre-Botox Meg Ryan

Speed Round...
Top drink to make you tipsy? Patron
Shopaholic or shopadon't? shopadont unless it antiques ☺
Sky high heels or closer to the ground? When I go out, heels but mostly flip flops or my expensive running sneakers
E.L. James or Jilly Cooper? E.L. James
Cry baby or tough cookie? Tough cookie but soft in the middle.
Exotic beach or enchanted forest? Exotic beach

Author Info
I grew up in New England surrounded by a lot of history and story telling by my father who was from the Mid-Coast of Maine. What I remember of my mother was her love of fairy tales, the wee people and poetry. So it’s no wonder I would one day write.
I actually started writing at a very young age, mostly poetry but I loved playing with words. I also loved books and before I even learned to read I would sit and pour over the books that had belonged to my mother. Works by writers such as Dante and Shakespeare filled the shelves. When I was about 6, I remember trying to read a first edition copy of Ivanhoe that belonged to her.
I have always expressed myself better on paper, I seem to stumble over words when I talk. It probably has to do with writing being in my blood. Louisa May Alcott was a cousin to my Great Grandfather on my mother’s side.
Always hearing history from my father gave me a very early love of that. I also went with him on jobs, he was a carpenter and he did a lot of work at Strawberry Bank in Portsmouth, NH and the surrounding historic homes so I was always near by, looking and absorbing the atmosphere.
All that translated into me getting into genealogy and working on both family histories in the early 80s-90s. I also helped with research for Historical Societies and family histories. This would lay the foundation for research for my books.
Fast forward to the late 90s I moved from New Hampshire to Texas to go to linguistics school. Then onto Cambodia for 11+ years. Many of those years were tumultuous . For a woman who hated heat and spiders I got a full dose but I loved the people and their culture. I learned some about the Ancient Khmer from Chandler’s “A History of Cambodia”. He worked at the Embassy in the early 90s when it was just a mission.
Again fast forward to 2009 my son Brendan Moriarty called and asked me to write a book about the Kings of Angkor. His idea at that point I couldn’t grasp. I said no. Not to be deterred he would wait a bit but in the very early spring of 2010 he asked me to do some research, knowing how well I loved to do just that… he said he needed it for his movie idea for The Kings of Angkor… Before we got done I said I not only wanted to do research for him I wanted to write the book. What he wanted and what I envisioned was a lot different but that was fine with him.
So began my writing career… well not entirely. I had started a novel back in Cambodia that Brendan later titled “The Lioness”. It’s still collecting dust but maybe some day I will pull it out and brush it off.
I finished “The Kings of Angkor: Army of a Thousand Elephants” and it was published in 2012 by a small publishing house. A year later, 2013 I self- published “One Thousand Years to Forever : The Making of a Queen”, The first of My Beloved Vampire Series. November 2013 it’s sequel “I’ve Been Waiting for You” came out.
Which brings me to up to date.
February 2014, I am editing the 3rd in My Beloved Vampire Series. Its title is “Redemption at Midnight”. Somewhere towards the end, another vampire showed up and asked for his own HEA story.
It’s now September 2014 and Redemption at Midnight came out April 2014. That was the 3rd in My Beloved Vampire Series and started a new series of my Vampires coming together with the witches. The Witchling Grows Up, first in the Family Pendragon came out July 30th, 2014. The sequel to that will be out Dec.19th, 2014, titled “Her Protector”. A re-issue to The Kings of Angkor will be out February 19th, 2014. The 3rd in the Family Pendragon Series, Love Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt comes out June 17th 2015.
I also have a romantic suspense coming out titled The Lioness. Out April 16th 2015.
I have the 2nd in The Kings of Angkor in the first stages of writing and research, which needs a lot. I was able to visit for the very first time at Angkor Wat in2013 and all its temples last year , giving me a better understanding of those magnificent temples and the people who built them. I have two other works on the back burner that will require a lot of research. One is a mystery with a lot of history and the other a sweeping WWII era novel.
When I am not writing, I read. Of course I love Romance but can’t read the same genre that I write so I read mysteries, memoirs and history… I love history, especially Medieval and WWII.
I don’t generally watch TV but I love Downton Abbey and Outlander.
My favorite authors… Mmmm, well let me see. Jane Austen, the late Elizabeth Peters, LM Montgomery, Loretta Chase, J.R.Ward , Sharon Kay Penman and Pamela Kaufman to name a few that come to mind.
What do I do when I am not writing? I am a mother of seven, four still at home. I have a home filled with pets, four dogs and six cats. I write seven days a week.
My job that allows me to write full times is being a part-time, paid call Fire Fighter for my town. I went through training and classes back when I was 50 & 51 to become FF 1 & 2 certified.
So that is a bit out this author. I love hearing from my readers so please connect with me either here or on my author page on facebook.


Chapter 1
Cas O’ Halloran had a few spare minutes and since the Fire department was next to a great bagel shop he locked the door to the office and went out the back door to get some fresh coffee and a bagel.
It was pouring. Yesterday had been one of those beautiful autumn days and that was why he was so glad he moved to Maine. He didn’t get a chance to see sky like that down in the city. There not so much, here beautiful.
He stood in line and ordered his bagel and then grabbed a cup of coffee with extra cream. He paid for everything, grabbed his bagged bagel and headed towards the door.
As he pushed open the door he bumped into a red head who was hell bent on getting in out of the rain. She looked up for a fraction of a second and that’s all it took. He saw her beautiful green eyes and for some strange reason for someone who apparently didn’t like to get wet she had no raincoat on. All she had on was a dark green corset to match her eyes. Under that was a white peasant blouse and popping out were the most beautiful breast, creamy in color with rain drops on them and one making its way down her cleavage. She had on skinny jeans and the jeans fit her like a glove.
“Excuse me but when you think you are finished ogling me would you mind terribly getting out of my way so I don’t melt out here…”
Cas was dumbfounded. Did she say she would melt? He stepped to the side and let her pass. He thought he heard a cat hiss but he didn’t see any around.
Emma walked past the gorgeous man who she realized was the new Fire Fighter that the town hired. She had seen the article in the paper about needing another full time man. He was one handsome man. She looked down at the floor and realized her familiar, Midnight was beside her. But since he was also a changeling he had made himself invisible. “Midnight!” she hissed. He looked up at her with one of his bored looks and flicked his tale at her and went to the back.
Emma looked up at the girl behind the counter who was looking at her with a funny look. “Sorry…” Emma walked up and trying to still her machine gun beating heart, so she could place her order. She felt her body all twitchy like and then her fingers started to feel like sparklers on the Forth or July. She stuffed her hands in her pocket and waited for her order. Better to quiet the sparks then to let people see her hands lighting up and going off like a Roman Candle.
“Miss your order comes to $9.45.”
Emma sent a silent prayer to the Goddess and pulled her hands out. Good no sparks.
She doled out the money and grabbed her bag, muttering her thanks. Hoping Midnight would follow her home. She lived only a few blocks but since it was raining she had driven her custom painted, orange Fiat down so as to not get too wet. Well that is until that hunky Fire fighter was ogling her and she was getting soaked while rain poured down .
Running into her house she smelt the aroma of bread dough rising. She had a few more bowls out, all with other ingredients for other things she had to bake today for different B&Bs who didn’t bake for themselves.
She set her bag down and heard the cat flap open and Midnight changed as he walked across the floor.
“You are really bad, you know that Midnight, don’t you?”
Midnight jumped up on the counter and Emma hissed at him.
“I don’t know why people hiss at cats… It doesn’t really scare us. Least of all, you Emma.”
Emma had to smile. She was really a softy when it came to Midnight. She had found him as a kitten and he had told her, he was a reincarnation of her family’s cat, Macbeth.
“You know, don’t you that you were sending sparks?”
Emma nodded as she poured some tea and then walked to the kitchen table and sat down with her little breakfast. “ I know. I had to stuff my hands in my pockets to put them out.”
“It’s a wonder you didn’t burn those tight jeans of yours.”
Emma chewed her bagel and drank her tea. “Why me? Why can’t I just be an ordinary witch, or not a witch at all?”
“You were the only child of your mother. It’s a great power, you just need to harness it.”
Emma chewed the remainder of her bagel and remembered what she had read about Eliza Brewster. Maybe if she could find her true love. The one who wouldn’t care she was a witch, or a fire starter.

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