29 Sep 2014

Come and join Suzy's new FB page

Hi folks! How are you all doing on this lovely and bright Monday morning? Well okay, perhaps it's not quite so lovely and bright where you are in the world but it is in the sunny Algarve! Yesterday we had shed loads of rain but it's brightened up this morning, YAY!
Late last night I decided to create a brand new Facebook page dedicated to all things romance and chick lit. The reason being that I am in the midst of writing my first more serious romantic drama and boy, am I loving it! I started the book last week and by the end of the week, I'd written half. Half!! I've never been on a roll like this before and I must say, it made me dizzy with exhilaration.
I'm about to head in to my beautiful little office in the garden to get started again but first I wanted to invite you to come along and like my page. I've already got over 100 likes in a matter of hours which is absolutely bloomin' brilliant, right?!
Here's my page:

Suzy Turner Romance & Chick Lit

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the title of this book that is taking me my storm... And Then There Was You. It's actually a little naughty in parts, which might surprise you considering I've always shied away from reading and writing anything a little risqué (risqué for me anyway LOL!) but writing this book, it's just something else. I can't wait to finish it and share it with you all!!
But in the meantime, please go ahead and give my page a little lovin! Thank you so much. Hugs xx

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