27 Sep 2014

An interview with Spirit Writer Morwenna

Morwenna Holman is a ‘spirit writer’, which means her novels are dictated to her by spirits, “communing with the departed to write stories of their lives which are lost in the mists of time.”
Her first novel, Westerdale, was published in 2013, a story she wrote in her teens, when she said she was visited by the spirit of Emily Bronte.
Morwenna sells her books in an effort to raise vital funds for Morley Holistic Cat Rescue. The charity desperately needs a new cattery for the many abandoned felines it deals with. 

In this prequel to the already published novel, “Westerdale” we find out how the early life of Heaton Grimshaw shapes and moulds the character of the man he later becomes.
Born from a disastrous meeting of insanity and tyranny he struggles to make sense of the world around him, having no true knowledge of his absent parents. Tainted by streaks of cruelty and always dogged by black moods and dark depressions Heaton is hated by his peers and becomes the proverbial loner. Despite being raised as a gentleman the wild part of Heaton’s spirit dominates, ill-preparing him for the many injustices and tragedies he is forced to suffer as he struggles through life. But Heaton has one unique gift…his ability with horses and thus he uses this latent talent to carve a niche for himself when all else fails. But blood is thicker than water and as events and his siblings move against him we find him wandering beaten, penniless and homeless on the very moorland that is to lead him to Westerdale and a new chapter of his life.
Heaton is available now from Amazon and FeedARead

Hi Morwenna. I was totally intrigued to hear that you are a spirit writer. Can you please explain further?
Since I was a young girl I knew I was very psychic but at about 18 this ability developed into communicating with the spirit world to bring the stories of their past lives to life through my novels. When communing I take my consciousness up into my third eye which is the space between my eyes on my forehead and, like retuning a radio I can then make contact with any spirits who wish to speak to me.

Is there a spirit of someone in particular that you'd like to write about?

I do not really have a choice who communes with me and often it is the average man in the street, as it were, who has a life story they wish to illuminate through my writing. I have communed with Emily Bronte three times, one was for Bleak Spirit, the story of her life. I would not want to commune with anyone evil but that does not happen as the link is made on the love vibration and any bad spirits just could not get through. Thomas Hardy would be an interesting one, if he would talk to me!

Can you tell us a little about your latest book, Heaton?
My latest book Heaton is the prequel to Westerdale and tells the early story of Heaton Grimshaw's life and just how he comes to be wandering penniless and beaten on the track to Westerdale where that novel begins.

What inspired you to write it?

My inspiration to write it came from no other than Emily Bronte who dictated Westerdale to me many years ago. She told me then that there was a prequel to that novel and one day she would return to write the early story of Heaton with me.

How did you come up with the idea for the cover?
The idea for the cover came from a brilliant local artist friend of mine called Bob Thompson. It is part of a series of paintings he did of Top Withins viewed from every angle and the dark, haunting picture fits the early story of Heaton's life perfectly.

If it was made into a movie, who would you like to play the main characters?
If Heaton ever came to the screen I think Jude Law would make a good Joseph and Thomas could be played by Keanu Reeves with conviction but who would play Heaton I have no idea as the man is such an enigma to me!

What made you want to become an author?
Suffering from a very long term disability which means I struggle to leave the house writing became something I could do as a troubled child. I loved reading from a very early age as it soothed my anxieties and calmed me, which is still true today. When you spent hours and hours alone ill books become your friends and support so that in the end you think, "I could do that!" and of course I was told as a small child that my destiny was to write the stories of departed spirits.

How do you come up with character names?
The character names are always given to me by Spirit. Sometimes that is all I get - a couple of names and then more is made clear to me by communing.

Who, or what, inspires you?
The world of spirit inspires me and the great outdoors so when I can get out with friends walking on the northern moors communing becomes much sharper and clearer as some of my lifelong anxiety dispels and the ideas come through more easily.

Where is your favourite place to write?
My favourite place to write is on the moors just above Haworth. I have a seat there which should really have my name on it but I have to wait for my carer or a friend to come with me so sadly I do not get out as often as I would like.

Name two of your favourite authors.
My two favourite authors are Emily Bronte and Thomas Hardy.

If you could have a dinner party with any authors from any time in history, who would you choose and why?
If I had a dinner party I would invite all of the Bronte sisters and Branwell too plus Thomas Hardy and lastly Alison Uttley as I grew up with her books about the countryside and she enlightened many a day for me. Obviously I have had lengthy communication with Emily but it would be interesting to see where the other Brontes got their ideas from and I would love to see if Branwell was really as mad as everyone makes him out to be! Hardy's books are just a romantic dream of that era and his dialogue is amazing so it would be good to hear his experiences of being an enduring writer.

Tell us a random fact about yourself.
One random fact is that I am a tattoo freak so have quite a few done in my earlier days.

Who would play you in the movie about your life?
Personally I don't know anyone as mad as me so that one would be difficult!!!! Maybe Helena Bonham-Carter on a bad day!

Tell us an interesting fact about where you live.
I live in Morley which was the birthplace of the very talented comedian Ernie Wise.

What are your (writing) plans for the future?
I am currently working on a novel with a spirit called Cordelia Deane to inscribe her story to paper but it can take me ages to write a book depending on my health which is sadly not good at present. I would love to continue writing but much depends on Spirit and if they wish to carry on making contact and if they have the patience to bear with me!

Tell us one thing that's on your bucket list.
There is only one thing on my bucket list and that is to get a big cattery and make enough money to carry on rescuing abandoned cats and maybe leave a legacy so this can be continued.

Favourite myth / fairytale?
It has to be the story of Little Red Riding Hood - nothing is ever as it seems.

Who/What did you want to be when you were a kid?
All I wanted to be as a child was an Animal Rights activist and fight for animals in society but sadly continual ill health prevented me doing as much as I wanted. Hence the dream to fund a rescue now and pay people to do what I cannot so some of these suffering animals can be given new life through the publishing of my books. I sense Spirit would be so glad if this occurred and what an achievement for these departed souls!

About Morwenna
“I am a spirit writer, communing with the departed to write stories of their lives which are lost in the mists of time. I try to bring them to life again and capture the drama which existed at that point in time.
I am a committed vegan and am dedicated to the welfare of animals, especially cats which I rescue. Hence trying to sell these novels in order to provide a cattery for the abandoned cats of Morley, West Yorkshire, where I live. My hobbies are walking and healthy living and I try to educate people on the holistic treatment of their cats.
Suffering from a lifelong depression and anxiety makes taking on the emotions of these departed spirits difficult and often upsetting but they always come with so much love I never feel alone.” 

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  1. Thanks to all our supporters of Morley cat rescue who have been buying our books and the next one out is The Calling at the end of November which is the sequel to Rainharrow and actually has a happy ending!


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