11 Aug 2014

Storms of Lazarus by Karen Kincy


Welcome to my tour stop for Storms of Lazarus by Karen Kincy. This is the second book in the Shadows of Asphodel series. This is a new adult dieselpunk romance and is now available!  The tour runs August 11-22. Check out the tour page for the schedule and more information.
And read on for a very special guest post by Karen Kincey... along with some gorgeous pics she's taken!

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Storms of Lazarus (Shadows of Asphodel #2)

Sometimes escape is impossible. Sometimes love isn't enough.

1913. Christmas Eve. Ardis hardly expects a quiet holiday with Wendel, between fleeing Constantinople and hiding from an ancient society of assassins. And they owe a debt to a certain archmage.

In Königsberg, Prussia, they work with Konstantin on the next evolution of Project Lazarus. Wendel once called Königsberg home, the city now besieged by the Russians and their clockwork engines of war. This may be Wendel’s last chance to save his family and find redemption, but he's tormented by nightmares and tempted by laudanum. Ardis fears her love isn’t enough to save Wendel. Her hands are full piloting the automatons, and she's terrified to tell him a secret of her own. Will they—and their love—survive the storms of war?

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Guest Post

I'm a wandering writer, so I don't write in one place for long. Some of my favorite scenes ever were written outside in a garden or at a picnic table by the riverside. Field trip time!

This is Heritage Park in Kirkland, which overlooks Lake Washington. Nearby, a bald eagle likes to perch atop a tree and shriek at anybody who gets too close to his territory. I like to sit on a bench in the garden, since it's secluded and gorgeously lush with flowers. There's also a trail that runs along the lake. Walking is essential for writers. A lot of our best ideas happen when we get the mail or walk to the bus.

Caffe Rococo. My favorite local coffee shop. All the baristas know my name, and nobody pesters me while I'm secluded in a corner writing. They don't look at me too weirdly when I'm glowering over an intense scene. Once I brought a bunch of rainbow flashcards and spread them on a table while I figured out the outline for Storms of Lazarus. That took five hours. Five. I kid you not. Anyway, I love Rococo's mochas and matcha lattes.

When I'm in downtown Seattle, I like to go to Cupcake Royale. Besides getting coffee and a cupcake, both essential fuel for writing, the people watching is superb. This street has a zillion tourists and hipsters. Don't walk there if you're worried you might make it into my next book.

See? I actually write! I don't just eat cupcakes in caffeinated haze. This is my little blue netbook, which I named Monstre and brought to Europe with me when I studied abroad. He's old and battered and trusty. I have written countless words on his tiny keys.

Sometimes, when I'm feeling old-school and hipster, I bring a notebook to draft scenes longhand. While writing Storms of Lazarus, I discovered that writing longhand was the fastest way to draft this book, believe it or not, though I did cramp my hand some days!

Here's yours truly. That's my Loki absinthe shirt. (I also have a Loki key chain.) This selfie comes from around the time I was writing the last half of Storms of Lazarus, so I was trying to sneakily write sex scenes in public without anybody reading over my shoulder.
And those are my favorite writing places... so far!

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About the Author:

Karen Kincy (Kirkland, Washington) can be found lurking in her writing cave, though sunshine will lure her outside. When not writing, she stays busy gardening, tinkering with aquariums, or running just one more mile. Karen has a BA in Linguistics and Literature from The Evergreen State College.

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting a tour stop! I really love seeing where authors write. I couldn't write sex scenes in public (well, couldn't write them at all) but I have trouble focusing on writing at all in public, I'm too distracted. Gardens are inspiring though!


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