15 Aug 2014

Review: Solitude of a Birdcage by Brielle Skye

Maxie Shannen and Savannah Trimmel are more than best friends. They're sisters, bound by a tragic past and an unbreakable bond. When Isaac, Savannah's boyfriend, falls victim to an act of violence that leaves him with no recollection of the prior eighteen months, both women tend to his recovery. For Savannah, it's simply an attempt to care for the man she loves.
For Maxie, it's a chance at redemption.
She tells Isaac nothing of the passionate secrets they'd been keeping from Savannah, nor of the unyielding feelings that nearly consumed them both.
But as the fragile wall obstructing Isaac's memory begins to crack, hidden truths slip through the fissures, and Maxie will once again be faced with an impossible choice-- her loyalty, or her heart.
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My Review
This was one of those books that I'd agreed to review, put on my kindle and then forgot what it was all about. So it took me by surprise how hooked I became! There were issues I didn't care for that made me want to throw my Kindle at the wall, for instance it seriously bugged me that Maxie and Isaac were carrying on behind her best friend's back in the first place and almost rubbing her nose in it. And the fact that Van was so totally clueless about everything that was happening. And then if Maxie was so totally in love with Isaac, why the heck wouldn't she tell him the truth after the accident? The characters could have been a little more well rounded to make me love them a little more, but I was hooked nonetheless.
All that aside, I think this is a particularly well written novel. Brielle Skye is a very talented author and I'd certainly be interested in reading more by her in the future.

Brielle Skye is from New York where writing, reading, beading, crocheting, and traveling keep her busy. She is the founder of the New York City Writers Network, an organization dedicated to uniting the very people who share her passion for words.

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