6 Jul 2014

Rave Reviews Book Club Author Spotlight with Jo Jenner

I'm absolutely delighted to be hosting an author spotlight for the Rave Reviews Book Club today. The Rave Reviews Book Club is the most amazing club for authors... everyone involved is so supportive of all their members and I just love em all! Today we have a guest post by the fabulous Jo Jenner so please read on and show Jo some support!!
I am very honoured to have been named “SPOTLIGHT” Author by Rave Reviews Book Club, so I thought I would start this tour by telling you why I write.
Most writers will tell you they have written from a young age. I haven't.
Most writers will tell you they always wanted to be a writer. I haven't.
Or at least I didn't think I had. I have always been good at maths and when a school friend said 'You should be an accountant' I thought 'why not?'
I spent the next seven years training to be an accountant. Once done, I took a few years away from studying and concentrated on my work and social life. I grew bored with reality TV, and thought, 'I know, I’ll study for a maths degree, I'm good at maths’ and so I did. After three years I realised that I did maths all day and maths all night and everything was merging into one. It was at this point I spotted an introduction to creative writing course and thought, 'why not?'
At first it was hard. I wasn't very good and I began to lose faith, but then I realised I hadn't been very good at accountancy when I first started and maybe this new project needed the same amount of time and effort investing into it. I did a second course and joined a writing group and before I knew it I was getting up early, to write before work.
I promised myself I would be published by the time I was 41, and with the help of KDP I was. My collection of short stories 'So the Feeling shows' was the result and I am very proud of it. I have since produced a novella – ‘April Fool,’ and my first novel ‘Stripper of the Yard’ will be released on 3rd August.
So when asked, have I always wanted to be a writer, I now know that I have.
I just didn't realise until now.

Jo Jenner started writing professionally at the age of 40 and hasn’t looked back since.
Jo still works as a certified accountant and manages to fit her writing in during evenings and weekends.
She enjoys writing short stories and a number of flash fiction stories have been published under the title of ‘So the Feeling Shows.’
Always one for a challenge Jo took on the A to Z challenge in April 2014. This resulted in ‘April Fool,’ which was written over 26 days in April, using a different letter of the alphabet for each chapter.
Jo lives with her husband on the south coast of England, her dream location, and says walks along the sea front always help generate story ideas.
Jo can be found on Facebook
Or twitter – @jojenner40
And regularly blogs on http://jojenner.blogspot.co.uk

Book Links
So the Feeling Shows
April Fool


  1. Congratulations on being spotlight author, Jo! I'm so pleased you discovered you were a writer :)) It seems we started writing professionally at the same age :)
    Suzy, this is a wonderful blog. Thank you so much for hosting Jo, today :))

  2. Thanks for the comment Harmony. Maybe you have to have lived a little before you can write about it? I also think at 40 you are confident enough to realise there are people who will enjoy your writing and people who won't. Vive la difference!

    Thanks for hosting Suzy. Your site looks great.

  3. First, I have to agree that this is a beautiful blog, Suzy. (Can I steal it?) Jo, I really enjoyed reading this post...very interesting. I, too, got a late start but I have written all my life, just never thought I'd be a professional. Others would tell me I should go into the business, and I never gave it much thought until KDP made it a little easier. Thanks to the both of you for a great job here today!

  4. Yes Nonnie KDP has made it so much easier. It does mean that as a writer you need to have the strength of character to correct you own mistakes and push yourself to be the best you can be.
    That's why we need Rave Reviews - to show us what exceptional looks like.

  5. Great post, Jo. I also published my first book in my forties. Beautiful blog Suzy.

  6. Congratulation on your selection as SPOTLIGHT Author. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I did. You began your writing career as a youngster. I had to wait until I was almost 70 before I had the courage to become a writer. Good luck!

  7. Suzy, you have a lovely blog. :) Hey, Jo. That is so funny, I too began an Bachelor of Business major? Accounting, lol. Economics was the one that got to me. Yuk. But at least you finished your degree and it looks like you've brought that discipline to writing. Congratulations.

  8. Huge thanks to everybody for visiting and taking the time to leave such thoughtful comments! You're all totally awesome :) x

  9. Congratulations for being chosen as Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author Jo. Thank you Suzy for hosting her.

  10. Thanks for popping by everyone. It is wonderful to have so much great support and it is all thanks to Rave Reviews and Nonnie.
    Once again thanks for hosting Suzy, without people like you these things wouldn't be possible.

  11. Its such a pleasure, Jo! As an author as well as a book blogger, I totally understand that even the little things can help enormously. You can always count on me to help spread the word :)

  12. Wonderful post, Jo! I look forward to your other fascinating posts during your special week!!
    Love your blog, Suzy!! Thank you for hosting and showing your support!!

  13. Suzy, your blog is GORGEOUS! Thank you for hosting, Jo. :) Jo, CONGRATS on your SPOTLIGHT Author nomination, and best wishes for your continued success! xoxo :)

  14. Jo, you're not alone! I, too, have a math-based degree and only after that decided to publish what I wrote :)

  15. Hi Loren, I am always surprised by the number of finance people who turn to creative writing


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