15 Jun 2014

When Fiction and Reality Collide It All Gets Very Exciting - a guest post by Ces Creatively

The Light Direction Part 1
Reach For Your Light

Emma Williams is searching for a new direction. Leaving behind a dead end career and harrowing relationship in London, she makes a fresh start in Bournemouth bonding immediately with flat mate Denzil and enjoying coastal life.
Falling in love with delicious Jeremy White she soon discovers that her new life is not as uncomplicated as she’d hoped. It may look like she has the perfect beach apartment and gorgeous man of her dreams but when visions of a mysterious stranger become reality and manipulating exes are out to cause trouble in paradise, Em just wants to find the truth in a world of deceit.
Reach For Your Light will take you on a fast-paced roller coaster of hot sex, mind games and supernatural visions that will leave you hungry for more.
Although Reach For Your Light is inspired by a mix of adult romance genre and some of my favourite series such as Heroes and Alphas, there is a lot of the story written from first hand experience too. Writing what I know and love has worked really well and it’s exciting to add in the supernatural stuff or things I’d love to do but haven’t (yet.)
So what parts are true to life?
I’m not revealing all the true life scenes but here are a few!
Emma has a terrible boss, Brad the manager in nightclub Topaz. He is a real slime ball and she eventually gets her revenge although it throws a spanner in the works of her romantic buzz with delicious Jeremy White. Brad is based on an ex employer of mine from my time as a student and the events are pretty much as it happened. The fiction bit comes in where Jez has a lush Audi A5 and my boyfriend back then drove a rust bucket haha.
There is a hilarious incident where Em accidentally dyes her flat mate Denzil’s hair lavender causing him great humiliation. Yes it’s true... only it was my husband not my flat mate (now ex hubby but that’s not the reason we split up haha.)
The descriptions of amazing local places and scenery are true to life as I’ve based the story in “home sweet home” Dorset and Emma echoes my love of the miles of golden sand, shallow turquoise water and watching awesome sunsets over Brownsea Island as silhouetted boat masts sway in Poole harbour.
Em is very much like me 15 years ago and the other female characters reflect parts of my personality too. (Plus Katy has my blue hair!) The men share a pick and mix of looks and traits with my ex boyfriends from over the years.
Because I love supporting small businesses I have also written in real businesses and products to provide some free novel promotion to people I love to recommend. So you can own the gorgeous gifts that have great meaning for the characters in the story as they have been designed and made especially for us as Official Merchandise!

Excerpt One : Leaving London
His parted lips are pressed hard against my neck in a long stabbing kiss, hot tongue flicking forcefully against my vulnerable skin. I can’t move. An overwhelming force burns through my veins and renders me tethered to this enigmatic man. Intense shards of golden light pierce my tightly closed eyes. Encapsulated by an energy so strong, so bright, so warm, so sensual, so right, it tingles and pulses from the ends of my hair to the tips of my toes. I want him to touch me, to bring that powerful kiss to my ready willing mouth.
Pressure builds against my chest. He pushes into me, it hurts, suffocating, intense, the energy has changed, possessed by foreboding darkness. Amber light replaced by violent flames of crimson. I struggle, trying to get free, desperate to open my eyes but it’s no use I am trapped. Strong hands are gripping my neck and sending shockwaves of pain through my body as he lifts me clear from the ground.
“Arghhh.” With a strangled cry I startle myself awake, snapping free from another rendition of a vision that keeps tormenting my tired mind.
Squinting, I look around the station. Disoriented as I glance to my watch and realise exhaustion must have finally forced me to sleep. It has been almost 4 hours since I slunk to the floor and my eyes still sting from relentless crying. It’s dark outside now and the bright lights hanging from the vast steel beams above are worsening the throbbing pain in my head. Tears force their way down my cheeks again. Silent sobs of anguish, humiliation and disappointment with myself for being so stupid are disguised as heartache at the loss of a relationship that was apparently never more than a facade. My dry throat is constricting as I cough and almost choke. At least no one pays any attention to my spluttering this time. It was embarrassing enough when the cleaner felt the overwhelming urge to keep asking me what was wrong earlier, constantly invading my privacy with those deep brown pity eyes when I first slumped down to the ground. Urgh. I just want to get home without drawing any more attention to my sorry self.
“Idiot.” I mumble. I’m such an idiot. Sitting here in the middle of a busy London train station balling my eyes out like the world is ending. Letting him get to me like this. It’s Stupid. I’m Stupid. I’m such a Stupid Idiot.
That sick feeling rises in my throat again at the memory of how I threw myself at him on our last night together. The bastard must have been laughing at me the whole time. Breathing heavily through my nose I clutch my case closer to my chest. I’m completely wedged in the gap between the old closed news stall and the back of the touristy union jack tack gift store. I’ve found a dark corner, a void to escape to while the world passes me by.

Ces Creatively is an inspiring mum of three from Poole who loves to spend time at Poole Harbour, Sandbanks Dorset. Juggling being a mum with running graphic design business www.biz-brand-buzz.co.uk, popular website with a book blog www.supportivebusinessmums.co.uk and hand made gifts business www.prettyinspiring.co.uk she miraculously also finds time to write www.the-light-direction.co.uk novel series which she has dedicated to her son in heaven. A tireless champion of small businesses and other authors, Ces has won several awards for supportive innovation and dedicates time every week to promoting others online. In a unique twist, her debut paranormal romance novel The Light Direction - Reach For Your Light features real small businesses and talented creatives.
Website   Facebook   https://twitter.com/light_direction   https://twitter.com/Ces_Creatively


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