29 May 2014

Another New Life by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

Title: Another New Life
Author: Sydney Aaliyah Michelle
Publication Date: June 2, 2014
New Adult Contemporary Romance
**This book contains adult subject matter. Not intended for young readers.**
Miranda Preston is a walking contradiction. Beautiful on the outside, but, insecure, haunted and damaged on the inside. Despite these contradictions, she’s ready to start Another New Life. When her talent wins her a piano scholarship to the University of Texas at Austin, Miranda arrives on campus determined to experience everything college has to offer and to keep her secrets in the past where they belong. An easy task, until the first guy who catches her eye happens to be someone, she’s known all her life. Eight years have passed since the last time Miranda and Troy saw each other. He reminds her of the best and worst times of her life, but she can’t think about one without dwelling on the other. As they grow closer, every day their attraction reminds them they are no longer kids. The epic romantic love story that is Miranda and Troy seems to be destined for a happy ending, but Miranda knows it's only a matter of time before her secret is discovered. A secret that will not only destroy their relationship, it will destroy Troy, too. Can Miranda focus on her future with Troy while preventing her past from tearing them apart all over again?    

I stayed perched on the dresser, afraid to move. Not sure what to do or say. I sat there waiting for him to remember I was in the room. His shoulders set in a flex, he banged his fist on the door.
"Hey." He turned to face me. "Come here."
"I'm sorry," Troy whispered in my ear as he buried his face in my hair. "You were right."
"It doesn't matter; I know you would never risk what we have for that." I exhaled, and he held me tighter.
"Redheaded skank?" He leaned back to look at me; a smile crept up the corners of his mouth.
"You should have let me kick her ass."
"I would have, but"—he grabbed both my hands in his—"I was afraid you would hurt these beautiful hands and then you wouldn't be able to play. She's not worth it."
He kissed one hand and then the other.
The adrenaline from the near fight coursed through me, and I got chills when Troy touched me. My skin was super-sensitive to his touch. My whole body reacted to his kisses.
I grabbed him behind the neck and pulled his face down to kiss his lips. Troy's tongue touched mine, and I moaned. The sound came from deep inside me. Troy smiled as he kissed me deeper.
His hands massaged my thighs, and I wrap my legs around his waist. I moved my hands to his shoulders and trailed my fingers down his arms and his sides until I reached the bottom of his shirt. I stopped for a second to look into his eyes. I lifted his shirt over his head.
Troy without his shirt took my breath away every time. I had run my hands up and down his cut abs before, but this time, the heat emitting from the tips of my fingers as they touched his body felt amazing. I had a superhero touch.
I explored his stomach with my fingertips, etching the lines in my brain. Troy, with his hands on my thighs, traced a trail from my knees to my butt and didn't stop there. He moved his hands up my torso, pushing my shirt up along with it. He stopped and stared in my eyes. I removed my hands for a second and pulled my shirt up the rest of the way. I couldn't wait to get my hands back on his chest and my lips on his neck.
Troy's hands stopped moving. I removed my lips from the valley on his neck I had grown fond of.
"What wrong?"
"Just wanted to make sure you were still with me," he said while moving his hands back down to my thighs. I guess he saw what he needed to see. My nerve endings worked overtime. My body wanted Troy, and without a doubt, my mind wanted him too.
"Nowhere else I'd rather be." I stretched up to kiss him as I ran my fingers along his side. He shivered at my touch as I pulled him closer. I didn’t remember having this type of effect on a man before. Not from a simple kiss, and not from my touch.
At this point, everything was different.       
About The Author
      Sydney Aaliyah Michelle is a New Adult Contemporary Romance writer, a voracious reader and movie fanatic who Sydney has been blogging at sydneyaaliyah.com for three years, where she interviews people about their tattoos, discusses her favorite movie quotes, reviews books (New Adult & only the ones she loves) and journals about her writing and editing process.hailsfrom Texas. After surviving 5 1/2 years living in China, she had the courage to finally pursue her passion and become a writer. Sydney’s self-published debut New Adult Novel Another New Life will be available June 2014. An active tweeter, she is also a JuNoWriMo (2x) and NaNoWriMo (2x) winners who notes the sci-fi action flick “The Matrix” as the best representation of her life in the past. She is blessed to be awake now and doing what she loves.   

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