8 Apr 2014

When Girlfriends Take Chances by Savannah Page

A novel about exploring love and life's path, and taking chances along the way.
Emily Saunders has never thought twice about grabbing her passport, rucksack, and camera and trekking across the globe. If there's an NGO, a study abroad program, or simply the travel itch, Emily's on the first plane out. Free-spirited, open-minded, and eager to explore, it's no wonder Emily's hardly in one spot (or relationship) for long.
For the past year and a half, though, Emily's found herself planted in her college hometown of Seattle. She's surrounded by her best friends, has steady work as a photographer and at her friend Sophie's café, and is certainly kept busy by the wild antics of her BFF Jackie. Life's enjoyable, but Emily's looking for something more. She's ready for a change, for adventure!
But when Emily tells her girlfriends she's ready for something new she does not expect Operation Blind Date!
Sure, Emily's single. Sure, she hopes to some day find true love. But being thrown into an insane challenge like this is not exactly the adventure she had in mind! Couldn't she just travel and focus on her photography? Or volunteer in Africa? Will a string of eligible bachelors lined up by her friends--a shot at finding a real and lasting love--really be that change she's searching for?
This is a spirited story about seeking adventure while being true to yourself, wherever you are in life. It's a story about love, risk, and self-discovery. About what happens when girlfriends take chances.
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When did you first start writing? And when were you first published?
I’ve been writing stories since the age of six. I self-published my first book, Bumped to Berlin(a travelogue about life as an American expat in Berlin), in 2010.

What is it about 'chick lit' that appeals to you the most? Do you read other genres? 
Chick Lit is positive; there’s often something I can take away from it that’s a good reminder, a lesson, a fresh perspective; it’s female-focused and very relatable; and it’s fun! I love the advice from Sophie Kinsella to write the book you want to read. (So it’s no wonder I write chick lit and women’s fiction. I can’t get enough of these reads!) I do read other genres, however. Almost anything and everything!

Can you tell us a little about your latest book?
While it can be read as a stand-alone, When Girlfriends Take Chances is the fifth book in theWhen Girlfriends collection. It’s Emily’s story about seeking adventure and taking a chance in a way she hasn’t tried before…and certainly didn’t expect. Her friends put her up to an ‘Operation Blind Date’ challenge in an effort to help her with her search for romance. It’s a fun and sweet romantic comedy about self-discovery, exploring love and your life’s path, and taking chances along the way.

What inspired you to write it?
From the start of the collection I knew I was going to have one of the six friends be a globe-trekker. I liked the idea of having a friend coming and going throughout a series, often bringing back with her experiences that could help give a different and unique perspective with her friends’ (and her own) ongoing drama. Emily also provides that continuing shift or change in what is a relatively solid and every-day kind of life, albeit melodramatic, for the girls in Seattle.
Also, from the start of the collection I knew I wanted to make “forever friendship” a theme, emphasizing that even though many women move out of their college town come graduation and begin lives of their own, they can still have a very deep and meaningful and special friendship over the years. My girlfriends and I are now spread all over the globe, always hopping from one continent to another, and we maintain our dear friendships. Knowing from personal experience that my friends and I can pick up right where we left off, no matter the distance, was a huge inspiration for the entire When Girlfriends collection, and this book in particular.

Have you ever spotted anyone reading your books anywhere?
No, but I’m sure if I waited in suspense behind the bookshelves at Barnes and Noble near the NOOK display area I’d spot someone. I do like to “shop” for particular books on those NOOKs… (wink-wink)

Who designs your covers?
My amazing husband who never in a million years would have imagined he’d spend a few weekends a year playing with high heels, costume jewelry, wedding gowns, and baby buggies.

If your latest book was made into a film, who would you cast?
That’s a tough one. Some are just such their own characters (like Emily) I haven’t been able to picture who their Hollywood double is. But some have definite Hollywood matches.
Like with Jackie, she has a Kirsten Dunst look to her, just extremely faux-tanned. Kirsten’s broad acting range would also make her the ideal star to slip into Jackie’s Louboutins.
For Robin, Rachel McAdams comes to mind often—sweet, soft-spoken, cute.
Claire is definitely a young and bubbly Kate Hudson.
Then there are the rare characters that are “given” a Hollywood star. Like Jackie’s husband Andrew just has to be John Slattery, and Sophie was always, from the get-go, a 1980s Paulina Porizkova.

What's your favourite Chick Lit book that made it to the big screen?
Something Borrowed. The book still beats the film, as is always the case, but the film is one of my most-played. It’s got such a fun, girly, feel-good quality to it.

What were the last two books you read?
Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. One of my new favorites for all its quirkiness.
A Gossip Girl novel, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, and a writing self-help book are other recent finishes.

Where do you write?
Sometimes I might go to a café, but I usually write in my home office. It’s really comfortable, has lots of natural light and flowers, and it’s got all of my plotting notebooks, Post-Its, and research books at arm’s reach.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? And did you follow the dream?
Yup, I followed my dream! My husband’s such a fantastic supporter of my wanting to be an author and I’m so very grateful. I truly have the best job ever!

In the movie of your life, who would play you?
I think Sally Field in Soapdish is a smashing match. Dramatic, all over the place, runs a bit stressed, loud, passionate about her work, and, (naturally) loves a good soap.

Speed Round...
Top drink to make you tipsy? 
Half a glass of red wine. It tastes really good, I look sophisticated (at least before I get to the halfway mark), it pairs well with any vegetarian meal, and did I mention it tastes good?
Shopaholic or shopadon't? Like a child, if I’m told not to do something, I just might give it a try. Oh, but when it comes to shopping I think I go above and beyond trying. ;)
Sky high heels or closer to the ground? I love shoes and a sexy pair of heels, but I’ve been suffering from an annoying little foot injury for several months so it’s flats for me 24/7.
Cry baby or tough cookie? I’m a baller, total baller. Whether I’m reading in privacy or watching a film on a plane, my tears aren’t shy.
Exotic beach or enchanted forest? Beach, any day!
Savannah Page is the author of the continuing When Girlfriends collection, heartfelt women's fiction that celebrates friendship, love, and life sprinkled with drama and humor. When she isn’t writing, Savannah enjoys a good book with a latte and jazz tunes, Pilates, and exploring her home of Berlin as an American expat. Currently she's working on the seventh and final When Girlfriends novel, and is cooking up something delicious for her next series.
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