18 Apr 2014

P is for Poppet #AtoZChallenge

Poppet is an author pal of mine. I've never met her but I love her to bits. And not only is she a super cool chick, she's also one hell of a writer. Whether you like horror, edgy paranormal romance, YA (she wrote a couple of those too!), psychological horrors, mythology, metaphysical romance, steamy PNR romance and Gothic darkness,  you'll find something you'll fall in love with by this fabulous writer.
Here is just a small selection...

Indigo Vamporium
For Seithe, there is one thing important in his young life, finding the truth of who and what he is. 
This is a journey of discovery, to determine his purpose and latent talents. He is all powerful, the forever living, and a singular force to be used in the war against evil. Only one human at a time can harness his light, but in return he has to walk through the darkest spells of night, through perilous forests, searching for the keys to unlock his future.

Scarlett Vamporium
Ellindt's exile could be the worst punishment, but once she meets the alluring and capable Doug her life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. Ellie has managed to keep her identity a secret until she trusts a human, her first true love. Now nobody is safe, especially Doug, the person Ellie treasures most. 
This is a love story with death threats, secret lairs, and a couple who are desperate to stay together no matter how many try to pull them apart.

Her most recent book is entitled Wrapture (Darkroom Saga book #4)
Imagine a church where nudity is embraced and sex is a form of worship. It seems so unlikely, so alien and risqué, but it exists. In the wilderness of Texas hide the Sons of Cain, their compound shut and protected from outside infiltration, and behind its walls they worship in ways you could never imagine.
Sermons are an education, and their creed is bone chilling. When crime and Christianity join with a nefarious agenda, the victims are in orgasm, rapture, and wrapture. Candace is kidnapped but isn't even aware of it, manipulated and inducted into the wrapture culture, subjected to carnal heaven and hell.
Love has a way of freeing the soul, but an indoctrinated mind can be a dangerous weapon in the boudoir. The path of duplicity is steep and treacherous, taking Candace Caine deep into the erotic heart of Christian bondage, BDSM, and biblical porn.
Warning: This novel is rife with misogyny, sadism, perverted scripture, eroticism, explicit sex, gender abuse, and contains a traumatizing rape scene. Please do not purchase this novel if any of these offend you.

For more information, visit http://authorpoppet.weebly.com

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