14 Apr 2014

L is for Lost Soul #AtoZChallenge

L is for (The) Lost Soul, another book that I wrote myself. Actually it's the third book in The Raven Saga, my biggest selling trilogy. Based in Canada, The Lost Soul was one of my favourites to write because of all the fantasy within it. I mean, it's got everything - Nephilim, Vampires, Ghosts, Witches, Mermaids, hidden worlds :D

The Lost Soul

December and Lilly have got their work cut out for them. Not only are they desperately trying to figure out the identity of the Lost Soul, and track him down, they've also got to investigate why Powell River's newest resident has got all of their men falling at her feet.
But when they learn that the Nephilim might be involved, it becomes clear that they're all in extreme danger...
Grab your copy here.

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