5 Apr 2014

E is for Eye of Praxos #AtoZChallenge

E is for (The) Eye of Praxos, a movie I am making with a group of fellow movie-making enthusiasts here in the Algarve. Loosely based on my YA Morgan Sisters novels (Daisy Madigan's Paradise, The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw, The Temporal Stone), The Eye of Praxos was originally planned to be a very short film. Now, however, it looks to be around the 40 minute mark.
Pedro Frias (the director / producer / musician extraordinaire!) and I are so excited about this project which has been in production for several months now. We are incredibly fortunate that everybody involved in the filmmaking process has donated their time free of charge, which is pretty unbelievable really. We've got the most amazing cast - mostly teenagers keen to dip their toes into the acting profession. We've been blown away by the professionalism and talent of this awesome group and can't wait to showcase their skills when the movie is ready.
We're still shooting at the moment, but are coming to the end of this stage of the process. Then it's over to the editing stage which will take a lot of time but at least we'll be in a comfortable studio, instead of outside in the cold dark, damp night (I stupidly wrote a script set primarily at night in a cemetery!).
I'm so grateful to everyone who has helped this movie come to fruition including all the locations (the local private hospital, for instance, and a beautiful convent which is now a cultural centre as well as the owners of several houses where we have encroached on their gardens to shoot the outdoor scenes!), the crew, the graphic designers, the musicians - everyone has been absolutely amazing!
Anyway, here are some still from the movie. You can find more information and pics on our Facebook page. 

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