13 Mar 2014

Sex, Lies & Corned Beef Pies!

I'm delighted to have a guest with me today. She's the author of the fantastically-titled Sex, Lies & Corned Beef Pies, Georgina Ramsey....
I never intended to write this novel. It had not been stewing away in me, for months, years or decades, or simmering on the surface and fighting to get out. No, it was actually a bit of an accident, dare I say it, but an incredibly happy one at that.
I was quite new to the Indie scene at the time and had only published novellas and novelettes. I wanted to write a novel, but kept chickening out because I felt that my skills weren’t honed enough and my words might not have the staying power to make it over the 50k line (which is kind of the accepted minimum word count for a novel).
Anyway, I stumbled across NaNo quite by accident one day. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a worldwide competition for writers to come together and to produce, individually, a novel in a month, or even less than. Now some authors seem to think this is an absurd idea because words should never be rushed, and I agree, to some extent. But, I wanted to give it a bash; I saw it as a challenge and wanted to use it as a way to stretch myself.
Being a bit of a control freak, once I’d started, I had to finish, and by Joves was I going to make sure I did. I worked my day job, looked after the family, and then in between I spent every waking hour at the keyboard – with lots of coffee (and chocolate!) I had a rough idea what I wanted the story to be about – a young girl who sets up a sex phone line – but I didn’t really know which path it would finally lead down.
Writing every day, in such a disciplined manner, did me the world of good, and I completed the draft of the novel in less than a month, and eventually went well over 50k; bear in mind that it was only a draft at this stage, and it then went through numerous re-writes and edits to get to the finished product.
This novel became my baby and I sketched the cover art too; something I never thought I would do.
So, was NaNo worth it? Yes, it helped me to move forward, and not to get stuck on re-drafts and edits in the early stage of a book. I learnt a lot; I loved the whole experience, and would probably do it again; I am clearly a glutton for punishment!
I released Sex, Lies & Corned Beef Pies! just in time for Valentine’s Day 2014, and so far (touch wood!) the reviews have been good. Please, believe me when I say that I honestly never thought an actual novel was going to be born out of NaNo 2013, but it has been, and when it flashed on the computer screen that I was a competition winner I could have cried. In fact, I think I did! I really do hope that you enjoy reading ‘Pies,’ as it is affectionately known (food and affection go together in my book!), just as much as I enjoyed writing it.
It’s about Mae Ophelia Ball, is a desperate, penniless student, who in a moment of madness is prepared to do anything – well, almost anything – for a bit of extra cash! She puts her moral conscience to one side, when she takes advice from the glamorous Lottie, and sets herself up as a phone sex operator, in order to earn a few extra quid. However, the glamour of a job in the sex industry soon wears off, and one of her callers, an elderly man called Bert, comes to her rescue. She soon learns that money isn’t everything, but has this lesson come a little too late?
The novel is a romantic comedy and is full of colourful descriptions and words, so is probably not for the fainthearted. However, it’s also a romp, and if you’re ready for a good old belly laugh, then I think this one might well be for you.
Happy reading, Georgie x

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