20 Mar 2014

Review/Excerpt: Across the Wire by Stella Telleria

Across the Wire by Stella Telleria
Publication date: November 4th 2013
Genres: Adult, Science Fiction

When Mia Mitchell, a hardcore but lonely former Marine, steps into an alley to pull some thugs off an unlucky foreigner, she walks into a fight she expects. What she doesn’t see coming is the foreigner making her a job offer any sane person would refuse. So, she takes it. She thinks she’s headed for some third-world country; instead she’s mysteriously transported to an Earth-like parallel world. That’s a mad left-hook.
Mia discovers a matriarchal dystopia where freedom doesn’t exist and fighting for it means execution. Lethal force bends all to the law; women fear for their families and un-wed men suffer slavery. Mia’s job is to train an underground syndicate of male freedom-fighters for a violent revolution. However, the guys don’t want a pair of X chromosomes showing them the way.
Eben, an escaped slave, is encouraged by Mia to become a leader among the men. But when he turns his quiet determination on her, it spells F.U.B.A.R. for cynical Mia. Their unexpected connection threatens more than her exit strategy; it threatens the power struggle festering with in the syndicate.
Haunted by nightmares and post-traumatic stress, unsure who to trust or how to get home, Mia struggles to stay alive as she realizes all is not what it seems.


I asked author Stella Telleria to explain where she got the idea for Across the Wire? Here's what she said....
I’m not exactly sure where the idea for the book came from. Many writers will tell you our brains work in strange and mysterious ways. I remember an episode of a show I used to watch called Sliders. Every episode the cast would travel to a different parallel world of Earth in hopes of finding home. One episode was about a world where the society was matriarchal instead of patriarchal. It really bothered me that the writers had simply reversed the roles. I always thought that if a culture, from its beginnings, had been matriarchal there would be some big differences culturally. There was also a comic book I’d read where a woman was transported to a matriarchal world, but I also didn’t like how it was handled. It was a very juvenile story that missed the bigger picture for me.
One day this story just started to build in my mind and it kept growing. It got bigger and bigger and I started to write it down to get it out of my mind, but that didn’t work. It just got bigger and more detailed.
My goal was to invoke a little thought. As with all books, readers bring their own biases and understandings to the experience of the story. After I read a book, I like to examine why I felt so strongly about certain aspects of it. Most of the time, my reaction is due to my opinion or past experiences but also due to the material as well.
A little self-examination is always productive.
I simply wanted to explore how our culture would have been different honed as matriarchal instead of patriarchal. All stereotypes and behaviors of ours, men and women, have been taught to us our entire lives. But what if they hadn’t? What if our culture had taught us differently? What would that culture look like? I was fascinated by this possibility and it’s no stretch of the imagination to realize how very different that world would be.
Thank you for having me.

My Review
When I first started reading Across the Wire, I wasn't sure about it, to be honest. I mean, here I was reading about a female marine - something that certainly doesn't normally appeal. But it was the promise of a dystopian tale that piqued my interest. And it didn't take long for Stella to work her magic on me - I was soon hooked! 
The idea of a woman being transported to another parallel universe was certainly a unique one that had me intrigued - especially considering she was taken there to assist a group of rather 'feminine' men to fight against the 'regime' over there. It was quite a bizarre reality really, one that I found hard to get my head around. But it was the characters of Eben and Mia that had me so interested. I wanted to know what made them both tick. Why was he such a 'true male' character in such a female world? And why was Mia such a loner? Why would she agree to go to another universe to find her true calling? 
Although my answers weren't entirely met (this seems to be the first in a series), I was pretty content with the ending (although it was very sad but I won't give anything away) and curious as to what is going to happen next.
I would certainly recommend this book for those of you that enjoy a good dystopian tale. It's very different from the norm and that's what I particularly enjoyed about it.

All my life I’ve dreamed of stories or have had my nose buried in one. I live in Edmonton, Canada with my husband and my weird sense of humor. Across the Wire is my first novel.
I love old war movies, dystopian fiction, and any story with action, a good plot, and characters I'd get into a fight at the pub for. Not that I'm a brawler or anything. Unless you think that out-of-print book or vintage piece at the thrift shop is going home with you instead of me. Then, my friend, the gloves are off.
Some say if you have your nose buried in a book, you're missing out on life. I say my nose is buried in a book because one life is not enough.
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  1. Great post! I like how the idea just kind of came out of nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Like Meyer dreamt Twilight and now she's rich and famous so you def don't to have thought of your plot for months/years. You just let it come. But really what do I know I'm nowhere near able to write a book haha. Glad you liked it too, Suzy! :)

  2. Hi, Suzy. Thank you so much for being a part of the tour and thank you for reading.

  3. Thanks Giselle!
    Stella, it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of the tour and to read the book. I really enjoyed it. It was very refreshing to read something so out of my comfort zone! x


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