3 Dec 2013

Strapped by Nina G. Jones

Title: Strapped
Author: Nina G. Jones
Series: Strapped #1
Publication: August 1st, 2013
Category: Adult
Genre: Adult Erotic Mystery/Suspense

By all appearances, Shyla Ball has an enviable life: a loyal boyfriend, a great job, and family that loves her. She doesn't realize how deeply unsatisfied she is until she has an embarrassing encounter with a handsome stranger at a coffee shop. Taylor Holden, a successful businessman, takes a sudden special interest in her and offers her a job she cannot refuse. Soon after, she learns there is much more to this intensely private man than meets the eye. He is hiding many painful secrets, including why it is that he has seemingly plucked her out of obscurity for such a lucrative position. Her "perfect" world is turned upside down by her infatuation towards Taylor and in just a couple of months, her life looks nothing like it did before. While she is frightened by the changes she sees in herself, she cannot resist the lure of Taylor Holden. As Shyla slowly gains Taylor's trust, she learns of his complex history and how it has molded him into the person he has become. When elements of Taylor's secret past resurface and threaten to destroy them, Shyla finds out there may be more to Taylor's story than even he is aware of. Strapped is a story of passion, manipulation, obsession, and family secrets.

I asked author Nina G. Jones what inspired the title of her latest book, Strapped. Here's what she said...

One of the things I want for the reader of Strapped to ponder is how the title reflects the book. I have found the response to the story very diverse and I think the meaning of the title is also reflects that. Different readers may come up with different interpretations of the title's meaning as there is not set version.
Some people see Shyla and Taylor are wounded souls who have found each other, found their true selves and true loves.
Others are suspicious of Taylor's motives. He is handsome and kind, but mysterious, and while they love the intense attraction between the characters, they are not sure if they trust him yet. Some aren't sure if Shyla should be trusted either!
Others feel that maybe they are both damaged people who deserve each other's issues.
I intended for the title to be a double entendre (or maybe even triple or quadruple). However you feel about the characters there are certain themes that I believe most readers will agree on.
1) There is the obvious reference to BDSM, but BDSM is just a supporting character, it's not even close to the main story.
2) The past: Both characters are strapped or tied to their pasts. Much of who they both are now has to do with experiences from long ago. We learn a lot about Taylor, and some about Shyla, but Strapped Down will really delve into Shyla's past.
3) Their connection. Whatever you may think of the Shyla and Taylor, one thing is clear: they find each other irresistible. I don't just mean this on a physical level, there is a deep attraction that makes both of them completely jump out of their comfort zones. They will do almost anything for each other, as if their connection controls them almost to their detriment. Even if they wanted to, they could not escape their intense feelings towards one another and it is a factor in every decision they make.
I'll continue to explore the story of Shyla and Taylor in Strapped Down, the second installment to be released in early 2014. I think readers will have an even greater understanding of how the title reflects the characters' relationship.

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Nina G. Jones was born and raised in Bronx, NY and currently resides in Milwaukee, WI with her husband and two crazy Boxers.
She is the author of Strapped and is currently working on the sequel to Strapped, slated to be released in early 2014.
Nina lives a pretty wholesome life, but is fascinated with the dark side of things. She loves watching true crime TV shows and it creeps her husband out to no end. Nina has a degree in Psychology and uses her characters as a vehicle to explore the human psyche.


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