7 Nov 2013

The Eye of Praxos, the movie

Hi peeps! How's everyone doing on this fine November morning? Me? Well I'm pretty excited about my latest project... I'm making a short movie! And, it's based on my YA series, The Morgan Sisters! Cool huh?
It all started a couple of years ago when I was working behind the scenes of a Brit flick called The Right Juice, where I met some of the most amazing and talented people. We became firm friends and they said at the time, 'we should make a trailer for one of your books'. We thought little of it again until Pedro, a musician / composer / actor suggested we get cracking on it. Sammy Sheehan, the incredibly talented make-up artist (she's worked on a number of movies and won awards) was also on board.
By this time, Pedro had come up with the idea of actually making a short movie instead. So I set to work writing a script - something I'd never done before, although it was my dream to have a go (you know all those Academy Award dreams? Yeah well I've had them for years... he he he!). Anyway, I decided to concentrate on Daisy Madigan's Paradise (a free novella in the series) because it was already quite short and I figured it could easily be re-written to fit a short film. Easier said than done, of course!
After a few weeks, my first draft was done. I worked with Pedro and Sammy to perfect it as much as possible until it was ready.
In the meantime, Pedro had been working on a number of music videos, adverts, etc so had garnered some much needed experience. We put out some feelers and were amazed by the response. So many volunteers came forward to offer their help in the project. We now had the majority of the cast sorted out (and it is awesome!) and most of the locations! Talk about exciting.
And then something really cool happened... my oldest best friend, Emma Rossi, got in touch and asked if I'd like her to come out and lend a hand. But not just to help out here and there, but to help with the music! You see, Emma is a musician and a totally awesome one at that. My best description of her voice is 'horny angel'!! lol. So she hopped on a plane from England (I live in Portugal) and flew over. We've been busy working on the film and the music since.
As it stands, we have our first shoot on Sunday and I can't wait! Our little movie, The Eye of Praxos, is going to be amazing.
I'd love it if you could show your support by liking our Facebook Page...  https://www.facebook.com/PraxosMovie
You can also keep up to date via my website http://www.suzyturner.com/short-film.html

I'd like to thank:
Pedro and his team, Emma and Sammy
The amazing actors and actresses
Phil Francis for his time spent drawing the Praxos Eye!
All the volunteers for giving us their time.
Cindy and Paul for offering up their garden for some of the scenes. Check out their amazing holiday villa: http://www.algarvehomes.org/
The Hospital Particular do Algarve for allowing us to shoot an important scene there.
The owner of Quinta das Quatro Abelhas for giving us his awesome garden for some of the creepier scenes.
Everybody else who has helped out in some way with the movie.
You are ALL awesome!!

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