18 Oct 2013

Feature & Follow!

Created by the uber cool Parajunkee and Alison Can Read, the goal of Feature & Follow is to increase blog followers and make friends.
This week's question is:
What are some of your favorite magazines?
I used to be a totally magazineaholic... I'd constantly be buying them, subscribing to them, devouring them. I just loved them! But then I suppose that was before the internet really got started. Some of my faves were (and some still are!) Cosmo, Glamour, Instyle, Hello, OK, Grazia, Prima (I'd usually buy this one at Christmas time). There were loads more but I can't think of their names erm... oh well. 
These days though, whenever I get the chance to wander around a really good newsagents, I'm often looking for writer's magazines!
Oh perhaps I should add that I used to be a magazine editor but was made redundant! Maybe this was why I lost my obsession with them LOL!


  1. I like Glamour magazine as well :) New Bloglovin Follower (:

    My FF :)

    Jackie @Jackie's Book World

  2. Thats a fair way to lose the obsession :) and i occasionally read cosmo, but not that often.

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    Fanciful Fictions FF

  3. We use to read some of those but much prefer books now!
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  4. Can't really say I'm obsessed...It's just that some covers ask me to grab them. After that, I need to have a look...And when you open a magazine, you will find something that you need to read...Ok, maybe I'm little obsessed too! Lol!!


    Ps: I entered a contest to win an French award for my blog. And I really appreciate, if you stop by my blog before october 25th to vote!
    Thank you!

  5. Great magazine selection. I am seeing that hardly anyone is actually reading magazines anymore! You can check mine out here! http://shaynavaradeauxbooks.blogspot.com/2013/10/Feature-Follow-Friday-Magazines.html
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  6. I used to love OK, I still buy it sometimes.

    Heres mine

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    Kirsty @ StudioReads

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by! I'm following you all back... and looking forward to reading your posts :D xx
    Kirsty... I still buy OK sometimes but its just full of gossip these days. And the UK version is mostly about Jordan!! lol

  8. I honestly don't read magazines anymore. I used to but now I guess I spend any time I have for reading on books! New Bloglovin follower :) Love the layout of your blog, it's really gorgeous - wish I had the design capability to pull that off! My FF

  9. Cosmo and Glamour are also among my personal favourites and whenever I wander into a newsagents I cannot resist - although they tend to lie around unread once bought.
    I'm a student/writer so I tried out writer's magazines but felt they weren't really for me. Lots and lots of calssifieds and few articles that applied to me - someone who is just getting started in the publishing business. I may get back to reading them, however, once I'm a bit more settled in that particular career.
    And I'm sorry you were made redundant. Did you find a new job since then?

    Cheers, Katarina :)

    PS. I follow you via bloglovin.

  10. I know what you mean, Katarina! The writers mags do have the odd article that usually makes the cost worthwhile, although having said that you'll probably find the same info online!
    I was (and still am) very lucky that when I was made redundant my hubby encouraged me to follow my dream... I've since published seven novels!!!
    Thanks for following... I'm popping over to you now to return the favour! xx

  11. Reviews from a Book Worm... thank you! But I didn't do it myself. I paid for it lol!!
    I'm coming to follow you now too xx

  12. Looks interesting..Although I never been a fan of magazines. thanks for sharing with us.
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