13 Sep 2013

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Hey peeps! I thought I'd just check in with you all and see how you're enjoying the new Fiction Dreams blog? I've been working really hard to source some super exciting interviews, guest posts, cover reveals, latest news and much more.
In the near future, you can expect to see exclusive interviews with some amazing authors including Wendy Holden, Belinda Jones, Freya North, Judy Astley, Paige Toon, Nicky Wells, Lizzie Lamb, Janice Horton, Veronica Henry, Cally Taylor, Carrie Duffy.... there are just too many to list them all! But you're gonna love 'em all :)
I've even been in touch with the super fabulous Jackie Collins (all hail the bonkbuster Queen!!) ... but we'll see if I manage to get that interview. It's a long shot but I don't know unless I try, right?
So anyway, if you're as super excited as I am about all this awesomeness coming your way, then please follow Fiction Dreams via Bloglovin so you don't miss a single thing!
If there's any particular female author you want to see, drop me a line or just leave a comment and I'll get right onto to it and see what I can do.
Have a cracking Friday 13th peeps, and don't forget to click the button below to stay up to date with all the latest, great news...
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