5 Sep 2013

Bedknobs and Bachelors (what a fab title!?!)

I'm absolutely thrilled to have a guest post today by the wonderful author Kathryn Brown, who I've known quite a while now through our membership of the author group, Famous Five Plus. Not only is Kathryn a lovely gal, but she's also a super author! So without further ado, I'll hand you over to her...
Lock up your daughters, folks, for there’s a new character on our streets and he likes to think of himself as a bit of a ladies’ man. Well, understatement of the year perhaps, but Gary Stringer doesn’t hold back when it comes to one-night-stands. The notches on his bedpost are forever increasing and he’s loving every minute. Friends Alfie and Jez, are forever fixing him up with unsuitable women, but this streetwise ‘jack-the-lad’ carries on his quest to bed as many of the female population as he can before he reaches his thirtieth birthday.

The problem is, before long, Gary faces a dilemma when he realises he has feelings, yes, feelings, for not one, but two women, both of whom are quite fond of him also. Janice, flighty, flirty and determined not to let love hold her back, swans into his life leaving a strange feeling in his heart, one he doesn’t seem to have experienced before; whereas Lisa, been around the block a few times, is infatuated with our new ladies’ man let loose on the streets of Bedworth, and is particularly insistent on getting to know Gary rather intimately.
The book is an easy, light read, chick-lit genre, and a humorous look at the life of a bachelor in his late twenties who finds it very difficult to leave his doting mum, mainly because she does everything for him, but also because he does actually love her to bits. Gary has a sensitive nature though perhaps doesn’t always show it, especially when telling an ex-girlfriend, “Yes, your bum does look big in that...” But when it comes to his mum, he’ll do anything to protect her and is reluctant to allow anyone to come between them.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this book and there are many scenes that I’ve laughed at myself, when remembering those rebellious twenties that many of us encounter. Bedknobs and Bachelors is available in paperback and eBook formats.

Gary Stringer seems to have it all: a great job, fantastic friends, a love for the night-life and a penchant for sex. However, upholding his reputation as a ladies’ man isn’t quite that easy when, at twenty-seven, he still hasn’t cut the apron strings.
What Gary wants more than anything is his own bachelor pad – a place where the ever-increasing notches on his bedpost can be noisily etched, far away from the watchful eyes of his mother. But can he afford it? More to the point, is he actually ready to take that leap and, for once in his life, wash his own socks?
As Gary ponders his dilemma, he’s faced with yet another when two beautiful women enter his life within a matter of days. Will his reputation precede him? Will he make the decision to string along two women? Or will he finally admit that the feeling in his heart is a little more than just indigestion? Will it be Janice or Lisa? And will Alfie and Jez – his lifelong bachelor friends – be a help or a hindrance?


  1. Thanks, Suzy. So thrilled to be featured on your lovely blog x

  2. It's brilliant to have you here, Kathryn!! Best of luck with Bedknobs and Bachelors - that is such a FAB title! xx

  3. On my Kindle and ready to read - can't wait :)


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